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The Investment Side of Having a Career


Summary: These six articles highlight the importance and responsibility a company or law firm has to develop their workers into valuable business components.

The Investment Side of Having a Career

Most notable companies offer benefits such as 401(k) programs, health insurance and flexible work hours, which can consequently makes their workers business investments. But at the same time, workers are investing in their companies and more importantly, their careers. Realizing this, hiring managers and law firm managing partners have begun to respond positively to employees and associates who want to make the most of their careers.
Are You Investing in Your Career?

A rising trend in the workplace is for workers, particularly thought leaders, to become proactive and study up on their profession after their work day has ended. They do this mostly via the internet where information and interaction regarding virtually any profession can be found.
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How to (Positively) Monitor Your Employees

While some employees may take exception to human resources monitoring their workday, as a human resources manager, you should use this opportunity to not necessarily “police” your employees, but to actually help them improve their productivity.
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How to Create a Rising Tide of Talent within Your Organization

As a workplace leader, one responsibility you have to your workers is to harness their abilities, guide their development, and support them in their career path. Read this article for some tips as to how you can harvest exceptional employees.
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Easy 401(k) for SMBs

This article examines a new type of 401(k) program aimed specifically at small to mid-sized businesses, in which employees can enroll much more easily than with previous 401(k) programs. Most importantly, putting this program in place at your business can further demonstrate your appreciation for your employees.
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Coaching: A Critical Component of Your Law Firm’s Talent Management Strategy

Some law firms have actively begun to coach their incoming associates, using this as an important component of their recruitment, retention and talent management strategy.
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4 Skills that Lead Associates to Success

Hiring managers and senior partners in large law firms understand the importance of developing their associates. If you’re actively developing your associates, check out these four skills that can help bring success to their legal careers.
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