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Workplace Behavior: What’s Acceptable and what’s Not Acceptable?


Summary: These six articles highlight poor workplace behavior, and how you as a managing partner and/or hiring manager can do about it.

Workplace Behavior: What’s Acceptable and what’s Not Acceptable?

Social guidelines can be fuzzy, if not confusing, in most work atmospheres. While certain behavior is outright improper, other types of behavior don’t seem to fall properly under what’s right or wrong. The following six articles highlight instances of poor workplace behavior, and what you as a hiring manager or law firm partner can do about it.
Your Professional Conduct Policy Outranks Freedom of Speech

How far a person’s freedom of speech can push the workplace behavior envelope really depends upon a company’s culture. But will freedom of speech protect a worker from being fired, particularly if that worker said something offensive? No, not in the least bit will it protect them.

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Should You Fire Your White Supremacist Employees?

Yes, workers have rights. There are labor laws, contracts, and other rules and regulations that protect workers. However, when it comes to extreme behavior, especially if it adversely affects a company and other employees, that behavior is a strong enough offense to warrant termination.

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Employee Behavior Standards in the Workplace

As a hiring manager, you might come up against one or two employees who may not know how to properly conduct themselves in the workplace. But if it comes down to multiple employees with varying behavioral issues, you might want to either update or establish a series of behavior standards for all your employees to follow.

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How to Handle Difficult Behavior in the Workplace

While conflicts can occur within any workplace atmosphere, if those conflicts and the behavior associated with them worsen, you as a hiring manager will need to know how to take control of the situation. Check out this article for some tips as to how to handle difficult behavior in your company.

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Bad Behavior in the Law Firm and What You Can Do About It

Sometimes the root causes of bad behavior in a law firm are not so transparent. As a managing partner, what you may have to delve deeper into a lawyer’s psyche and job performance to find the cause of this person’s behavioral issues. Check out this article to help you find the causes and remedies for a lawyer who is behaving badly.

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5 Ways to Handle an Obnoxious Partner

Some law partners are notorious for yelling, screaming, throwing and otherwise acting without consideration to other partners, associates and legal support staff. This article outlines 5 ways law firms can deal with a partner who is doing more damage than good to the firm where he (and others) work.

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