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Employment Scams and Fake Job Postings Leave Job Seekers Wary


Summary: These six articles highlight how employment and email fraud affects the business and legal sectors.

Employment Scams and Fake Job Postings Leave Job Seekers Wary

As a recruiter or hiring manager, you need to be aware of hurtles job seekers face to fully understand their day-to-day struggles within the job market. As of late, online employment scams, and even recruiting scams, have hampered many candidates who may have otherwise thought they were applying to the perfect job.
Common Job Scams and How to Avoid Them

There are many types of job scams hiring managers and recruiters should know of. This article highlights how scammers collect confidential information to steal identities, get job seekers to cash fraudulent checks, wire or send money, as well as the types of online employment scams and their warning signs

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Phony Online Job Applications Have Job Seekers Turning Old School

With the rise of phony online job applications that in some cases steal your identity or your money, job seekers have begun to protect themselves by filling out applications only by hand.

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Employment Scams Affect the Most Vulnerable Job Seekers: Recent College Grads

It’s a shame, really. A kid just graduates college and is eager to get into the working world, yet suddenly falls victim to an employment scam. Read this article to understand the fraud college graduates can face as they fill out job applications, do phone interviews, and seek employment.

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The Dirty Truth: Why Employers Post Fake Jobs

Some fake jobs are posted by legitimate company HR departments. Check out this article to understand the reasons valid companies post phony employment opportunities.

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Scams that Target Attorneys

Lawyers are often the target of email scams. This article outlines the top 10 warning signs attorneys need to be privy of so they won’t fall victim of email scams.

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Bogus Law Firms Darken the Legal Profession

Bogus law firms are becoming increasingly common, particularly on the internet. This article reveals that many of these bogus firms are in fact set up by criminal gangs.

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