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Making Your Company Appeal to Job Seekers


Summary: These six articles highlight the effects technology has on recruiting and inside businesses as a whole.

Making Your Company Appeal to Job Seekers

Sure, everyone has to work these days. But for skilled employees who also make themselves aware of a company’s brand and reputation, the advantage may go to the employees as far as picking the perfect company. Of course, some workers will be successful, and some won’t make it through probation. But of those who do make it, or who have worked long-term for a company or law firm, should they now be intimidated by artificial intelligence in the workplace?
Why Do Your Employees Work For You?

What is it that you offer that attracts employees to your company? Do you have a strong brand? Do you offer higher wages or flexible scheduling? This article explains the importance for businesses to know their Employee Value Proposition, which essentially shows potential employees how you value your current employees.

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HR is the New PR

Public relations have become an extremely competitive industry, particularly with the demise of print media. But a good press release can only go so far, and many PR firms are realizing this. This is why PR firms are turning to HR to help boost a company’s image, making it more attractive for prospective employees, as well as customers interested in a company’s products and its culture.

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How to Tell a New Hire They Didn’t Make It past Probation

Sometimes, new hires simply don’t work out. They didn’t get up to speed fast enough, didn’t pay attention to details, or had some other issues.  This article offers initiatives you can take to make sure your new hire will have a fighting chance to stay on past their probation period.

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It’s Only a Matter of Time until You Hire a Digital Employee – What Does that Mean for Your “Analog” Employees?

With the ongoing push to introduce artificial intelligence into the workplace, digital employees will no doubt experience push back from their “analog” or human workers. HR and hiring managers will need to consider actions they can take to introduce A.I. to employees not as competition, but as a counterpart.

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Firms Offer Cash to Help New Lawyers Pay Student Debt

Law firms that want to attract the brightest in new associates have begun programs to help pay off the college and law school student debt these new law hires may have.

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Law Firm Reviews & Recommendations that Attract New Clients

Potential clients who seek legal advice have begun educating themselves about law firms and their reputation. In fact, many of these clients study lawyers and law firms through legal reviews and recommendations. If your law firm has a strong review and reputation, you should use those to your full advantage in order to attract new clients.

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