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Recruitment, Retention and Labor Law: Critical Aspects of Today’s Workforce


Summary: These six articles highlight the need for an organization to be attractive to job seekers, through strong recruiting, retention, particularly of interns, and instituting fair labor practices by knowing the current labor laws.

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With the advent of technology, a newer and younger workforce and changing labor laws, whether you’re part of a search firm, a hiring manager, or a managing partner, it is critical that you make yourself attractive and informative to job seekers who, if they don’t like the look, feel or philosophy of your organization, will go elsewhere with their work talents.
Build a Strong Relationship with Hiring Managers

Hiring managers are critical to successful recruitment searches. This is why it is important to have a strong relationship with your hiring manager. While staying in constant communication with your hiring manager, you give them a better idea of exactly what kind of candidate you desire to fill an open position within your business.

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8 Trends and Challenges Facing Search Firms (and Pricing Is One of Them)

While the business of recruiting continues to grow as well as remain lucrative at $13 billion worldwide, challenges still exist for the profession that range from changed candidate and client behavior to AI tools like LinkedIn, which have been said to spell the doom of recruiters. Listed in this article are 8 trends in the recruiting industry that search firms will soon have to face.

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5 Best Practices for Running a More Successful Internship Program

Without a doubt, many of the most successful corporations exist off of young talent. Those companies are diverse and innovative, fast-paced and ultimately very profitable. A large part of the accomplishments that these companies enjoy is due to having a successful internship program. This article features five major U.S. companies who believe the strength of their internship programs has helped them become the heavy hitters they are within their industry.

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The Future of Agency Recruiting Is Going to Be Very Different

Treating candidates and clients with equal importance, being easy to contact, and knowing industries in which employers need employees will be critical to the future of agency recruiting. This article points out what the future may hold for agency recruiting, particularly as the demands of candidates and clients change throughout the work environment.

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Tapping into the Legal Job Market to Reach Key Talent

Do you want to attract the best candidate possible for your new legal job opening? Doing so will take more than throwing out a job description and hoping for the best. Law firms or legal departments with legal job openings must now take a holistic approach to their recruitment, which includes social media, generational differences, cultural fit and work/life balance to attract top candidates.

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5 Labor Laws You May Not Know You’re Violating

It might seem that employment laws and law firms don’t necessarily mix, particularly when you see lawyers and their support staff working twenty hour days. As a senior partner or hiring manager, it is important for you to not only understand labor laws, but to not let them lapse within your firm or organization. Start by reminding yourself who in your firm is exempt and who is non-exempt, and from there, explore the five current labor laws this article highlights to find out if your firm or organization might be in violation.

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