published August 4, 2017

By David Dorion

The Importance of Company Culture

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Company culture can be a huge asset or deficit to a place of business. A company’s culture encompasses its values, politics and how its employees are regarded. While intangible for the most part, a company’s culture is still a very important aspect of how the company conducts itself, and can ultimately have a strong influence on who does and does not apply there.
Why Law Firm Culture Matters

Law firm culture can be one of the most important aspects of a lawyer’s career. Practicing within a firm where the lawyer’s personality and the personality of the law firm mesh can lead to many fruitful years for both the firm and the lawyer. Meanwhile, attorneys who find themselves working among a culture they disagree with can cause grief, hatred of the law practice, or quite possibly the desire to quit law altogether.

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The Importance of Understanding a Law Firm’s Culture before Signing On

Law firms have begun to understand the need for a culture that appeases a cross section of generations. For instance, while Baby Boomers are generally thought of as workaholics who live to work, Generation X and Y members work to live. Given that the Boomers’ work ethics are the polar opposite of the ethics supported by Gen. X and Y, the challenge for the law firm leaders is to find a firm culture that every generation of lawyer can comfortably subscribe to.

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Why Company Culture Is More Important Than Ever

Many hold the emergence of the Millennial workforce as the prime reason companies focus so heavily on company culture. For the Millennials, who make up the majority of today’s workforce, it’s not adequate to have just a secure job with benefits. Millennials, as well as older generation workers, now look for companies that offer flexibility, professional development and most importantly, have a good brand reputation.

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Company Culture: What Managers Should Know

Managers should never disregard or ignore a company’s culture. After all, how can a manager create innovation in a company if they don’t understand the company’s ethics, practices, or values? It’s important for all managers to sense and try to understand a company’s culture as they contribute in various ways to the company.

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Company Culture Is Too Important to Leave to Chance

Business owners, managers, and HR staffers alike understand the true importance of a company’s culture. In fact a company’s culture has been recognized as the glue which holds a company together. To establish and maintain a strong company culture, a business leader should consider the five steps outlined in this article.

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How to Change Your Company Culture

Changing a company’s culture can be daunting. A manager or business owner could face strong opposition and adversity which in turn will call for a strong amount of cunningness and persuasion on the manager or business owner’s part to earn employee trust. A manager or business owner must also explain why there is a need for a culture change, be willing to allocate resources from one area to another, motivate workers, and clean away all in-house politics.

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