published August 3, 2016

By Amanda Griffin

How to Use Data Analytics to Benefit Your Law Firm

Learn how to use data analytics to benefit your law firm in this article.

Data is used by businesses to monitor how their marketing efforts work and who their customers are. Law firms that use data analytics will have a better understanding of what their firm’s needs are and what to continue spending money on.

Law firms demonstrate expertise when they use data analytics. They are trying to build their reputation in a community, so building up data to know the needs of the community is important. The data they gather can be used in presentations during webinars and seminars, posts on their blogs, and articles.

Data analytics help determine the profitability of a case type. Law firms want to make money, so depending on the case, the amount of time and work required to go into the case will have to pay off. Many law firms use pricing analytics to determine the profitability of a case, but they have to use data to get that information.

Data analytics help law firms find the documents they need for a case faster. Sifting through emails and files that need to be used for a case can take hours and sometimes even days to do, but with analytics, the process can be sped up to save lots of time and money. Some law firms are even turning to machines to get the job done.

Trends are easier to spot when analytics are used. This includes predicting how juries, judges, and venues will act based on past cases. This information is particularly important to have before a case begins so that the firm and attorneys on the case will know how to deliver their argument effectively.

Intellectual property cases cannot be properly fought without the data from analytics. The data will show the matching images, text, lyrics, or musical selection to show what intellectual property has been stolen very clearly. Without the data, legal teams have to rely on the jury’s perception.

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