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8 Tips for Perfect Attorney Headshots


Summary: Headshots are an important part of a law firm’s marketing strategy. Follow these tips to make sure your law firm is doing its best to attract clients.

Learn how to get the perfect headshot for every attorney and legal professional in your law firm.

What are potential clients going to think when they see the headshot of an attorney with a stern face compared to an attorney’s headshot that is soft and approachable? A headshot that makes an attorney look likeable and trustworthy will be selected over an attorney with better credentials but that looks gruff.

Follow these 8 tips when you have pictures taken of attorneys in your firm:
  1. Look friendly with a smile. No smile says you command authority but will also talk down to others.
  2. Know your audience. Your practice area and specialties will influence how casual your headshot can look.
  3. Selfies are not acceptable or high-quality. Spend money to get a high quality photograph done by someone that knows what they are doing.
  4. Give yourself options. Get photos done in a variety of positions. A photo of you interacting with a client shows how you work with others. A photo with your family makes you relatable. Just make sure you keep the style, tone and quality consistent.
  5. Use appropriate body language. Smiling is great, but you also need to suggest that you are approachable, so don’t cross your arms.
  6. Dress to impress by keeping it simple. Wear a color slightly darker than your natural skin tone and avoid busy patterns.
  7. Keep the background of your photo simple as well. A busy background will distract the audience from looking at the most important part – you.
  8. Keep your image true to your brand. Headshots for an entire law firm should be similar, but can still reveal each attorney’s personality. Support staff should be included to show clients that everyone at the firm is a part of the team.