published November 21, 2013

By Harrison Barnes, CEO and Founder - BCG Attorney Search left

Why Employers Use Talent Tracking Software

Why Employers Use Talent Tracking Software

The use of talent software in industries has shifted from record-keeping tasks to being a part of strategic talent systems. With companies integrating the use of software into talent management programs, creative approaches and new solutions are being developed.

This is because human capital management can be done more efficiently when talent management software is tuned or tied into automated incentive management systems. While managers can make customizations according to individual cases, talent tracking software ensures fairness in incentive management - thus creating greater worker satisfaction and retention.

Use of talent management software also helps to increase employee motivation by allowing both individual employees and management to actually see how efforts are contributing to achievement of objectives.

The role talent management software plays in your company

The primary role of talent management software is to develop an electronic employee record database that can be accessed through portals, and which makes performance and project management easier.

Such software helps HR collect and store key managerial information with employee data and link it to compensation and benefit systems, - thus helping to reduce errors. In enterprise-wide human capital management systems encompassing critical areas like recruiting, on-boarding, career development, incentives management, training, and skills improvement, talent software is essential for success.

When special company projects come up, HR personnel using talent management software can easily query the system and get a list of candidates who match project requirements. Managers can focus in on details like whether an employee is up to speed in his training or how particular skills are being leveraged across a department.

Strategic staffing with the help of ATS reduces organizational costs and helps to make an organization more competitive than others.

Cutting down costs

Finding an employee or candidate fit to an organization boils down to an objective and unbiased selection regarding talent. However, in reality, candidate selection based only on human inputs may reflect just better rapport with the interviewer. Talent software helps to make talent selection objective.

It achieves this end by transforming implicit knowledge of worker capabilities into a formal, accessible, data trail. And by bringing enterprise automation into the equation, talent software allows managers to rapidly visualize all critical aspects of individual employee performance and contribution.

Thus talent management and tracking software enormously help managers to achieve company objectives and fine tune the company workforce both for contingencies as well as for regular tasks and projects.

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