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Foreign Corrupt Practice Act Attorney Salaries In Dallas, TX

Now you know the average salary for foreign corrupt practice act attorneys in Dallas, TX is $137K. Want to find out the average salaries of related jobs? Check them out below. Also browse the foreign corrupt practice act attorney jobs near and in Dallas, TX and law firms in the city below.


Foreign Corrupt Practice Act Attorney Jobs and Salaries near by city of Dallas, TX

Top Law Firms in Dallas

Simon Greenstone Panatier, PC


3232 McKinney Avenue Suite 610  Dallas, TX 75204
Phone : 214-276-7680   Fax : 214-276-7699
Website :

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Underwood Perkins, P.C.

  1 review

5420 LBJ Freeway Two Location Center, Suite 1900  Dallas, TX 75240-6222
Phone : 972-661-5114   Fax : 972-661-5691
Website :

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Kleiman Lawrence Fitzgerald LLP

  1 review

8750 North Central Expressway Suite 777 Dallas, TX 75231
Phone : 214-265-7400   Fax : 214-265-7411
Website :

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