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The 2017 Most Influential Recruiters Ranking List Q & A Section

What kind of legal recruitment firms are found on the list?
The 2017 Most Influential Legal Recruiters List features 250 legal employment agencies. These are the best legal recruitment agencies in terms of influence in America. Unlike the previously offered directory of legal recruiters or the database of legal recruiters provided by other sources, we provide a ranking of the most influential legal staffing agencies. Although we include legal staffing agencies that place attorneys, paralegals, and legal assistants, we only rank the legal placing agencies that focus solely on the law in terms of the legal recruitment firm's website.
Which legal recruitment agencies are the most influential?

Influence extends beyond a legal staffing agency to the legal recruiters ability to reach candidates. The most influential legal recruiters are the legal placement services that candidates are most likely to encounter. Additionally, when an employer wants to hire an attorney, generally, an employer seeks out the best legal recruiters with the influence to reach the candidates. The influence ranking is determined by a number of factors, which are discussed in detail in a separate article.

How did LawCrossing create the legal employment agency ranking list?

After analyzing 250 legal recruitment agencies across the United States, LawCrossing put together the 2017 Most Influential Legal Recruiter List in America based on a series of criteria. We ranked each legal placement firm's level of influence by utilizing more than 20 weighted factors. After months of research, we finalized the factors. The factors vary from the number of years the legal recruitment agency has operated to the use of social media.

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Sanford Rose Associates International, Inc.

Rank 39

Sanford Rose Associates International, Inc.

6860 Dallas Parkway, Suite 302, Plano, TX 75024
Phone : 972-616-7870
Fax : 972-616-7869
Website :

2017 Legal Recruiters List Rankings


Sanford Rose Associates is a network of independently-owned executive search firms assisting clients to fill their mission-critical positions. We are committed to "finding people who make a difference®" within organizations by finding individuals who perform, exceed expectations, and assist the organization achieve its strategic goals.

Past Years Rankings

  • 2016 Rankings - 61
  • 2014 Rankings - 77

Law Firms in Plano

At Starr Law Firm, P.C. we work one on one with our clients to listen to and understand their individual needs and goals, identify important legal issues that affect them, help them define and make important choices, and work with them to develop and implement a personalized legal plan to realize their goals for themselves, their business, and their family....

Our clients appreciate our persistence and diligence. They know that we are focused and responsive to their needs. We take the time to understand our clients' desired outcomes and we strive to exceed their expectations. We are steadfast about uncovering all relevant information so that our clients can make well-informed decisions. We use direct and honest communications to guide our clients through the chaos of legal conflict and reduce the stress experienced during difficult situations....

The criminal justice system in this country is often a great mystery to those who are not familiar with its complex inner workings. Simply put, there is a right way and wrong way to get things accomplished. Many individuals who face such serious charges do not understand how to approach the system and may make their situation even worse. Common sense and justice, both thought to be inherent in the modern legal system, do not exist. Rather, the criminal justice system is more concerned with power...

More Legal Recruiters in Plano

The Howard C. Bloom Co.

We were once told that we make something out of nothing. That observation is an accurate description of what The Howard C. Bloom Co. does every day. Using imagination blended with experience, Howard Bloom and Joyce Bloom have built The Howard C. Bloom Co. to what we are today . . . an Attorney Searc...

Rank 413

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