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Competition for Legal Job Candidates Can be Minimized by Using LawCrossing
March 20, 2014
Pasadena, CA - According to a February 24th article published on MoneyNews titled “Law Firms’ Entry-Level Hiring Little Changed,”“many law firm recruiting professionals reported feeling as if they were competing fiercely with other firms for the same small group of job candidates.“

This means that employers who are looking to hire new employees need a confirmed way of hiring the best talent and attracting the right employees for their firm.

LawCrossing, created by CEO Harrison Barnes, PLC, is a leading legal job board site which provides hiring authorities and legal professionals an opportunity to network and forge fulfilling relationships. The needs of over 250,000 legal employers, including virtually every law firm, corporation, government office, and public interest organization in the U.S., are monitored on a daily basis, bringing numerous important law job postings to LawCrossing. This attracts the best job seekers, people who are serious about their careers and those who possess top talent.

LawCrossing serves as a one-stop employment resource for law students, law schools, lawyers, attorneys and other legal professionals, giving hiring firms a sharp advantage over firms not using this service. LawCrossing allows employers to easily browse through resumes, ask potential employees questions prior to interviewing, email potential job seekers, and post jobs onto over 30 other job board sites quickly and easily.

“LawCrossing will help firms find superb candidates in much less time than it would otherwise. We have the best talent looking for jobs on this site and we make it easy for firms to hire the perfect employee,” says CEO Harrison Barnes.

Since competition is high for talented attorneys and other legal employees, using LawCrossing can be a huge blessing for firms who need talent, and need it soon. Firms using LawCrossing will have an advantage to finding employees who fit well with their team.

About LawCrossing:

LawCrossing is an affiliate of Employment Research Institute, a powerful and comprehensive organization dedicated to helping professionals, as well as first timersfind jobs that will enhance their careers. LawCrossing is also dedicated to helping recruiters and law firms find the perfect candidates for their open positions. LawCrossing consolidates every legal job opening it can find in one convenient location. LawCrossing has been on the Inc. 500 twice. The website also offers a three-day free trial to new members.


Andrew Ostler
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