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BLS December Jobs Report Says 1000 New Legal Jobs Added and Employment in Legal Services Getting Better; LawCrossing Law Job Openings Support the Trend
January 07, 2013
January 07, 2013 — Pasadena, California — The December U.S. Jobs Report shows at least 1000 new law jobs added to the legal services sector, which is a huge improvement over the previously reported growth of only 200 new law jobs in November, and which again went down to zero after seasonal adjustment.

However, the growth seems here to stay. A. Harrison Barnes, the CEO of LawCrossing, a well-known job portal for jobs in legal services, said, “The growth in law jobs is back and here to stay. We saw it in the number of new law jobs being added to LawCrossing, and we also found law firms increasing year-end bonuses, sending a strong signal to the market that the growth is back.”

The number of listed attorney jobs, in the beginning of 2013 on LawCrossing, also stands at a sound score of 29,886 jobs for lawyers, a score that stood at only 14,000 in September 2012. In fact, despite everyone agreeing just a year back that the shape of the market for young lawyers was the worst ever seen, the economy seems to have passed that point already. There are at least 2,287 summer associate job openings on LawCrossing right now, a number, which is much healthier than in last year and that goes to show that law firms are back to hiring.

Across the legal services sector, in the beginning of 2013, LawCrossing also has 343 openings listed for judicial clerkship jobs, 1163 partner-level attorney jobs, and 1025 government attorney jobs, beside 8,317 job openings for in-house attorneys.

The increasing number of job openings is a clear signal sent by employers that the growth is returning to the legal services sector. And it matches the BLS data that says at least a thousand jobs were added to the legal services sector at the end of last year.

That the growth in legal services jobs is back can be seen from a simple glance at the number of live job openings on LawCrossing. The details of job listings reported by LawCrossing across various practice areas and locations can be found here: https://www.lawcrossing.com/jobs/jobs.html

Andrew Ostler

About LawCrossing:

LawCrossing.com was founded in 2003 by A. Harrison Barnes. It's now a part of the Employment Research Institute.
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