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February 12, 2010
''Trust America's #1 Legal Job Board with Your Legal Job Search” is more then just a tag line to gain job seekers attention but the honest truth. If you are looking for a position in any attorney field such as entertainment, real-estate, healthcare, government, immigration, sports, contract and education attorney jobs, then you have come to the right job search site. LawCrossing offers 10,000 new attorney jobs per week on average.

We all need advice from time to time and who better to receive advice from then the founder and CEO of LawCrossing, A. Harrison Barnes. Barnes offers free advice in the ''Compelling Daily Job Search Advice from the CEO of LawCrossing” section. If that wasn’t enough advice for you then you can also read the Legal Staff Feature which offers a host of articles on universities, career counseling, skill sharpeners, attorney search, life style and many more. The Career Connect section will give you access to many helpful articles from LawCrossing career blogs.

If you are a law student looking for a law job and can’t seem to find anything - What will you do? LawCrossing has numerous legal internship jobs, legal file clerk jobs, legal summer associate jobs and court clerk jobs to choose from.

LawCrossing will breathe new life into you without question. The average job search site is very boring and the majority of the time you probably won’t find a bit of interest. If you are tired of searching without any success then try LawCrossing for your new, exciting legal career.

The Map Search feature on LawCrossing is an interesting feature that will allow you to scroll over the state and see how many legal jobs are in that particular state. Hopefully, you will find the legal job you desire in the state of your choice.

Do you want to see previous jobs from the last several months? LawCrossing offers will allow you to view recent jobs that an employer had in the past. While the jobs posted in this section are probably filled, this will give you an opportunity to see who does the most hiring over a period of time and who is most likely to hire you.

LawCrossing has 25 times more legal jobs then any other job search site. This will give you’re the opportunity to apply to more quality legal jobs, therefore, the likelihood of you becoming hired with LawCrossing is much higher.

There are many success stories posted on LawCrossing as well. If you are one of the many job seekers who can’t find the job to save your life, then you were probably looking in the wrong place (less then stellar job search sites).

It is important to maximize your hiring potential in order for you to find your ''dream job” quickly rather then waiting for six months to a year potentially. LawCrossing prides itself on finding the best legal jobs as soon as they hit the job marketplace. This fact separates LawCrossing from the other job search sites; the fact that LawCrossing has a team of dedicated professionals which sole purpose is to find jobs for lawyers.

Ironically, many job seekers cancel their subscriptions during the free-trial period because they found a quality legal job. This is just one thing that makes LawCrossing the best legal job search site on the web today.
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