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LawCrossing: Legal Jobs Continue to Show Stable Increases in Most Regions
October 18, 2006
LawCrossing, the world's largest legal career placement website, has released its monthly statistical report on changes in the legal job market over the past 30 days.

Encouraging job growth has been registered in most geographic regions across the country. The Northeast showed an increase in openings at law firms from 2,352 available jobs in September to 2,443 in October. The numbers were slightly lower for in-house and government jobs. The Mid-Atlantic region showed an increase from 1,823 jobs in September to 1,956 in October, with 32 more in-house jobs available in October. The South showed a decrease from 2,043 jobs in September to 1,968 in October, with decreases in the numbers of both government and in-house jobs. The number of jobs in the Midwest is up, from 1,632 law firm jobs in September to 1,700 in October. An increase of 38 in-house jobs was also reported for the Midwest. The Southwest showed an increase in jobs, as well, from 529 in September to 597 in October. The West had 3,265 positions last month and 3,429 in October, reflecting an in-house job increase slightly greater than 1%.

Last month's data showed strong patterns of growth in almost every category pertaining to legal staff positions. This month's data show an overall decline in the number of government jobs. This month's report also shows that the Northeast and West have the highest numbers of law firm jobs, while the South and the Mid-Atlantic region showed slight declines in their October 2006 reports.

Harrison Barnes, CEO of LawCrossing, states, "Our members rely on LawCrossing to keep up with the ever-changing job market on a daily basis. In doing so, we're able to spot and report hiring trends that affect our clients."

Regarding specific legal staff areas, LawCrossing's report shows that the number of paralegal jobs has risen from 32,134 last year to 38,909 in 2006. The number of legal secretary positions has risen from 30,061 to 34,846. The number of accounting and finance jobs has declined from 1,623 last year to 964 this year. The number of receptionist jobs has plummeted from 894 last year to 90 this year. The availability of technical specialist positions is up 1% from last year.

The biggest jumps this year were in the information technology sector, which showed 2,024 more jobs than it did last year, an increase of 64% in the overall number of jobs.

LawCrossing's team of 200 researchers and editorial staff monitors the hiring trends of more than one million legal employers. With more than 50,000 U.S. legal jobs in its database, LawCrossing counts tens of thousands of law students, attorneys, and legal staff professionals as members.
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