Our goal is for users of LawCrossing to be as successful as humanly possible. The single best way to do this is to disclose all information to you before you sign up. Please take a moment to see if our service is right for you.

Despite being a paid site, we are the largest and most trafficked legal job site in the world, have won numerous awards and we only want to do business with people who appreciate what we do and can benefit from it.

  • If you feel $39.95 per month is a lot of money. If you gave little thought to spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on law school but have any hesitation whatsoever about paying for a legal job opening research service like LawCrossing that will likely actually get you a job, then LawCrossing is not for you. Come back when you are in a better financial situation or actually want to practice law. We will still be here.

    We do not need your business. Please do not borrow or go into debt to use LawCrossing.

  • If you are not sure about practicing law. If you are just dallying around applying to jobs that our members could be applying to -- please do our members a favor and use public job sites (they are also free and you will save money). We do not want you. We want to ensure our members have the best chance of finding jobs. We do not want our members competing with people who may interview well but have no intention of working hard and being committed to their jobs.

    We do not need your business. If you are not serious about practicing law, go somewhere else.

  • If you do not understand that we are a research company. We are a legal job-opening research company with more than 300 employees who research legal jobs and manually and electronically collect and classify them from more than 100,000 sources (newspapers, employer career pages, small niche publications, other job sites and more). We have more legal jobs than any other source. Public job sites get their jobs by (1) having salesmen sell job postings for hundreds of dollars a job, (2) only showing you jobs that employers pay to post and (3) making the jobs free to job seekers so employers get the most applications possible - that's it. We are a "research company" and not a "job posting sales company"--this makes us different than every other job site we are aware of.

    We do not need your business. We suggest you use public sites if you want to compete with everyone else for a limited number of jobs that employers are paying to post.

  • If you need to know our refund policy before you even sign up. We offer a free trial so you can see how thorough and comprehensive our site is compared to anything else. Notwithstanding, the last thing we want is for you to be looking for the door before you even start. It's better for all involved, especially you, if you take a pass on our service.

    We do not need your business. Do not sign up if you are not certain we are right for you.

  • You think that we walk on water and signing up for our site is all you need to do to have a good legal career. Being an attorney is not easy. In order to be a good attorney you need to work extremely hard, be smart and be committed. If you have doubts, you should probably not be in the legal profession to begin with. See a career counselor and think about what you want to do.

    We do not need your business. Do not sign up if you are not serious about your career.
  • We are the most expensive legal job site in America. The research we do costs us a lot of money, and when the economy changes, we are often forced to do more research to uncover even more jobs (we are not averse to physically going out and knocking on doors looking for jobs for our members). We obviously reserve the right to raise the price but we do not have any intention of doing so at this time. We are certainly not going to tell you to "SIGN UP NOW" because the price is going up really soon. That's not our style.

  • We don't want to trick, deceive, ambush or sucker you into signing up today or any day in the future. We do not need your business. Our site is the largest and most trafficked legal job site in the world. We have been on the Inc. 500 twice and are very good at what we do. If you have any doubts about LawCrossing go somewhere else.

How long does the average person stay a member?

We have found that people who went to the best law schools and work at the best firms often stay members of our site for years. Why? We do not know. In conversations with our longstanding members, we have found they have most often cited the benefits of LawCrossing educating them about legal job openings at all times (some partners in AmLaw 100 law firms have been members for more than a decade). The majority of our members are composed of graduates of the top 25 law schools working at the largest American law firms.

People with a lesser "investment" in their legal careers do not stay members for as long. Many paralegals, for example, join for a month or two and then cancel once they get a higher paying job and then join again for a month or two when they are ready to move on again.

Quite often, people who join our site "move up" in terms of the prestige level of their firms, stop being a member and then sign up a few years later to do the same thing again.

You can be a member of our site for as long or as short a time as you like. We do suggest, however, that you only join if you are serious about your career. Yes we would like your business ... but only if we are right for you.

If you have any questions about the information on this page please call us at (800) 973-1177. We have a lot of people who would be happy to talk to you about whatever you need.