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Dentons follows the set of hiring criteria outlined below.

Hiring Criteria

SNR Denton looks for well-rounded candidates who have demonstrated excellent academic and personal achievements in law school, college and elsewhere. Strong interpersonal and leadership skills are also important qualities. The firm recruits through campus recruitment's as well as job fairs. It visited 9 law schools for campus placements, while it attended one job fair during the year 2011.

Pro bono

SNR Denton has a full-time partner devoted to developing and overseeing pro bono opportunities. The associates are required to perform a minimum of 50 pro bono hours, and the firm will credit up to 100 pro bono hours automatically towards the billable hours requirement and bonus consideration. Additionally, the firm will credit more pro bono hours if they are formally approved by the firm's Pro Bono Committee. In 2010, 100 % of associates at the firm performed pro bono work, with associates averaging 85 hours each. The firm represents disabled persons or poor persons in class actions intended to secure their rights, it also represents a number of prisoners in civil rights on account of excessive force cases or cases concerning poor prison conditions. The firm has assisted numerous not-for-profit organizations whose missions deal with assisting disadvantaged persons.