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Duvall Law Office, P.C. Reviews

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- Reviewed on January 28, 2019

Advice to law firm management: Stop pretending to have superior support staff to offer assistance in many ways when none of them even exist. Let alone a single steady employee that remains at the firm. Each “departure” has some sort of excuse...all of which add up to blatant lies. I’ve never met the imaginary staff members that were often spoken of.

Pros: You get your own miniature sized office? There’s an extensive step by step “manual” on how to do your job. But you should prepare to study it. There’s no way you will locate a simple “question” in a timely manner by flipping through this entire manual. The lunch break was nice as well. Especially because you had the opportunity to leave. :-)

Cons: Inappropriate behavior and obvious signs of alcoholism, potential substance abuse, and undeniable anger management issues that are beyond alarming. The attorney speaks of himself as thought he is on a pedestal. He will dig into your personal background from the very beginning to try and analyze your upbringing. There was an unfortunate problem in terms of the attorney being capable of leaving out the personal business of former employees. An obvious confidentiality issue as well as a total disrespect way, simply to cover up the reason as to why they “left”. I do not need to know details about a former employees struggle with their own emotional issues. If the same were to be said about me, and I found out, a lawsuit would be step #1 without any hesitation.

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Last Year at Employer: 2017

Job type: Full time
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