WNF Law, PL - Waserstein Nunez & Foodman
WNF Law, PL - Waserstein Nunez & Foodman

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Main Office:
1111 Brickell Avenue,, Suite 2200 | Miami | | 33131
Phone: 305-760-8500  | Fax: 305-760-8510 

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WNF Law, PL - Waserstein Nunez & Foodman Reviews

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- Reviewed on January 21, 2019

Advice to law firm management: 1) Stop treating your employees like disposables. 2) Review salaries at the end of each year. Do not wait for employees to put in their 2 weeks notice to offer more money!! Also, getting your employees some kind of benefits would be nice. 3) HR needs a MAJOR makeover. Never worked at a place like this. Huge mess. Absolutely nothing gets done on time. Complaints regarding harassment are systematically ignored.

Pros: Just don´t... This place is a revolving door. Absolute worst place. Have never worked anywhere where the environment is so negative. People are either yelling at each other or in tears.

Cons: Absolutely no room for growth. Partners have zero respect for personal time. Attorneys are out half the time, but staff is expected to be there with a smile on their faces whenever the partner has an "urgent matter".

Partners to Avoid and Why: Make sure you document everything in email. Best advice I ever got at this job. Partners will turn on you if something goes wrong.

Favorite Things About this Firm: Location is nice. Great building in Brickell with pking garage. Great views. Close to dining options. Other than that, absolutely nothing else.

Current or former employee?: Former Employee

Last Year at Employer: 2017

Job type: Full time
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