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3005 West Horizon Ridge Parkway,, Suite 241 | Henderson | NV | 89052

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Lagomarsino Law Reviews

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- Reviewed on Nov 19, 2019

Advice to law firm management: This firm could improve by not expecting the staff to work so much. Hire more experienced line level staff (receptionist, runner, assistants).

Pros: Good reputation with judges and other people in the legal community. Paralegals are very experienced and make the job of the attorney easier. Casual dress when appropriate, more formal dress when needed. Great place to gain experience. It was my first couple years practicing law so I got to do things that other attorneys of my experience level did not do. Got to handle many high dollar cases. Compensation was strong.

Cons: The worst part I would say is that a lot of hours were expected of me. This firm handles a lot of litigation so I was expected to work later and on weekends when we were on deadlines.. I have a family so it was really hard to balance. Most full time staff worked 40+ hours. Compensation was above average to on the higher end but no amount of money is worth it if you are having to work all the time. I decided to take a 40 hour a week job after working here.

Partners to Avoid and Why: There is only one partner. He is pretty demanding and expects everybody to be on point at all times, which can be a little much on a daily basis. Has pretty high expectations when it comes to work product and writing.

Favorite Things About this Firm: The people. The clients. I liked the mix of cases. Got a bunch of experience. The work hard-play hard atmosphere.

Current or former employee?: Former Employee

Last Year at Employer: 2015

Job type: Full time
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