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Zinzow Law, LLC Reviews

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- Reviewed on Jul 23, 2020

Advice to law firm management: The team and owners are nice and very compassionate. They need to work on developing more patience and understanding for those who are not “genius” level. Good work takes time. Also, while having low billing requirements they had a ton of work. They didn’t require it but working late or at home sometimes had to happen. The management would get frustrated if you didn’t put your time in right away.

Pros: Amazing Team/Family culture. Top-notch talent at all levels. Pays commensurate with top level firms Benefits package far exceeds industry standards Low Billable hour requirement Work is highly Sophisticated Lots of advanced technology and custom documents to manage the firm, clients and discovery. Will pay for trainings and get you any tools you need.

Cons: Owner/ founder is extremely nice “Cowboy” who is proud of his country roots, but sometimes he has extremely high standards for work product and no one can compete with his work-ethic, don’t bother trying. He was tops of his class in college and law school and although I’m no slouch, I never felt adequate. He was always willing to train but often very busy. Promotes team training and never passes up an opportunity to share war/case stories. Great storyteller. Owners wife runs the firm financial side and more. She genuinely cares about the team and always knew when you were having a bad day. Her spidy-sense is almost as if she’s clairvoyant. What she picked up from passing conversations could be construed as creepy. You can’t hide emotions from her, don’t waste your time trying. The Firm administrator is nice, very focused and can be demanding, especially if you don’t follow procedures. She smiled while telling you that you didn’t follow procedures, but somehow you knew she was not happy with you. Both husband and wife are open minded and appreciate the uniqueness different people have, but still they are very opinionated. Don’t bother disagreeing unless you have facts and a good argument . If you don’t they both (separately) will give you a verbal smack-down. She tore me apart one day because my personal opinion of a situation was based on “false premises and lies”. She kept saying, “give me real facts or evidence, I’m listening”. I think she knew I didn’t have them at that moment.

Partners to Avoid and Why: No one there should be avoided, maybe one associate who can be an attention seeker and quick to blame everyone else for their mistakes.

Favorite Things About this Firm: The team/family culture. Fun group. Paid well, great benefits. Always lot’s of food, good food.

Current or former employee?: Former Employee

Last Year at Employer: 2016

Job type: Full time
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