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Anderson Hinkins LLC Reviews

"Terrible!"   - Anonymous      Write an Anonymous Review

- Reviewed on March 05, 2018

Advice to law firm management: Treat your clients with respect. Get to know them and their cases. Understand that this may just be a job for you but it is your clients lives and their children’s lives.

Pros: I had a great attorney before he stopped practicing law. I was devistated when he left. I was assigned a new attorney who is the cause of this bad review.

Cons: I went to Anderson Hinkins to file for divorce. I loved my lawyer but he stopped practicing law. He told me I would hear from my new representation soon. Weeks went by and I heard nothing. I had to contact the office to learn his name. Finally he called me to introduce himself and talk about my case. A week later he called me and we had the exact same conversation. He had no idea we had already talked. I understand he can’t rememebr everyone he talks to all the time but he could at least take notes! He made me wonder how many things he was doing twice that I was also being billed for twice. Then he gave me wrong info about my pretrial. Whenever we talked he made me feel like a burden! All I felt like was an item on his checklist. I cannot imagine the difficulties of coming into a case half way but that’s no excuse to treat me with disrespect or not to learn the details of my case. He talked to me like a bitter ex wife who just wanted to screw over her ex. When in reality I’m a concerned mother who doesn’t want to give my one year old to my abusive ex. I paid Anderson Hinkins thousands of dollars to be disrespected, given wrong information and brushed off as a waste of time. When calling to talk about my concerns I spoke with Jake Hinkins. He came off as a slime ball in a fancy suit. He yes’d me to death but never actually said anything. He avoided answering my questions, I assume, because he knew my follow up questions would make his attorney look bad. He offered for me to come in and talk in person but I know nothing would have changed. I would still have to go to trial with a lawyer who couldn’t care less about me or my daughter. I paid another retainer to get a new lawyer and feel so much better!!

Partners to Avoid and Why: Taylor Broadhead. He was terrible and rude. When he was assigned to my case after my former attorney left he called me twice to introduce himself and talk about my case. So he got paid for having the same conversation twice.

Favorite Things About this Firm: Zachery Melton. He left the firm and stopped practicing law. I was assigned a new attorney after he left who was terrible.

Current or former employee?: Former Employee

Last Year at Employer: 2018

Job type: Freelance
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