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Boies Schiller Flexner LLP
Main Office: 575 Lexington Avenue, 7th Floor | New York City | NY | 10022
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Boies Schiller Flexner LLP - Salary & Benefits

Salary & Benefits
Title Branch/
Exp. year Period Min Base
Avg Base
Max Base
Min Bonus
Avg Bonus
Max Bonus
Associate Las Vegas 1st Year Yearly   $190,000.00         
Associate Fort Lauderdale 1st Year Yearly   $190,000.00         
Associate Armonk 1st Year Yearly   $190,000.00         
Associate Miami 1st Year Yearly   $190,000.00         
Associate Albany 1st Year Yearly   $190,000.00         
Associate Washington 1st Year Yearly   $190,000.00         
Associate New York City 1st Year Yearly   $190,000.00         
Associate Hollywood 1st Year Yearly   $190,000.00         
Associate Los Angeles 1st Year Yearly   $190,000.00         
Benefits Package:

The firm's compensation philosophy is simple: we pay top dollar to attract and retain the very best lawyers in all of our office locations. In addition to base pay, substantial bonuses may at the discretion of the managing partners, be granted, based on various performance factors. The firm also provides a rich benefits package, including health, dental and vision insurance. The firm covers a large percentage of the cost for the health plan and the DMO dental plan. Our comprehensive benefits program also includes firm-paid life insurance, short and long-term disability, as well as a 401(k) plan and numerous voluntary insurance programs. We have over 30 institutional funds in the 401(k) plan to which employees can contribute pre-tax dollars. We offer a self-directed brokerage which allows employees access to hundreds of funds outside our of institutional line up. We also offer a 401(k) Roth plan which employees can contribute after-tax dollars, in addition to Roth In plan conversions.