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Minter Ellison

Main Office: Level 40, Governor Macquarie Tower, 1 Farrer Place | Sydney | New South Wales | 2000
Phone: 61-2-9921-8888 | Fax: 61-2-9921-8123

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Reviewed on July 21, 2017
Current Employee

Consider boning up the compensation package to bring it more in line with the rest of the market. Employees would be happier and the firm would attract better talent.

The best thing about this firm is the relaxed atmosphere, which is rather remarkable considering the size. It's not often you find a big firm with such a laid back office environment.

I'm not very happy with the pay and benefits given to me. The compensation package in general is below market and there are next to no perks other than a free gym membership.

Current Employee

   1 review


Discover the Excitement of Working at Minter Ellison: A Leading Law Firm in the Asia Pacific Region

When it comes to prestigious law firms in the Asia Pacific region, Minter Ellison stands out as a true leader. With a rich history dating back to its establishment in Sydney in 1827, this firm has grown to become a powerhouse in the legal industry, with offices in Australia, Hong Kong, mainland China, Mongolia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom. Minter Ellison's commitment to excellence, industry expertise, and client-centric approach make it an exciting place for attorneys and staff to work.

Minter Ellison's success can be attributed to the vision of its partners, who have set the firm on a path of continuous growth and innovation. These partners have built a culture that values collaboration, diversity, and inclusivity, creating an environment where everyone's voice is heard and respected. This inclusive culture fosters creativity and encourages employees to bring their best ideas to the table, resulting in innovative solutions for clients.

One of the key factors that sets Minter Ellison apart is its deep industry expertise. The firm understands that businesses operating in a globalized marketplace face unique challenges, and it is well-equipped to address these challenges. With a team of lawyers who specialize in various industries, including banking and finance, energy and resources, infrastructure, and technology, Minter Ellison offers clients multi-disciplinary services that are tailored to their specific needs. This industry-facing approach ensures that clients receive advice and solutions that are not only legally sound but also commercially viable.

In addition to its industry expertise, Minter Ellison's extensive network of offices allows it to provide seamless service to clients wherever they may be. Whether a client needs assistance in Australia, Hong Kong, mainland China, Mongolia, New Zealand, or the United Kingdom, Minter Ellison has the resources and local knowledge to deliver exceptional results. This global reach, combined with the firm's local language skills and international perspective, enables clients to access a wealth of experience and expertise that is unparalleled in the region.

Joining Minter Ellison comes with a host of benefits that make it an attractive choice for attorneys and staff. The firm is committed to investing in the professional development of its employees, offering a range of training programs and opportunities for career advancement. From mentorship programs to secondment opportunities, Minter Ellison provides the support and resources needed for individuals to reach their full potential.

Furthermore, Minter Ellison recognizes the importance of work-life balance and offers flexible working arrangements to its employees. This flexibility allows attorneys and staff to manage their personal and professional commitments effectively, ensuring that they can thrive both inside and outside of the office. The firm also promotes a healthy and inclusive workplace culture, with initiatives such as employee resource groups, wellness programs, and social events that foster camaraderie and well-being.

In conclusion, Minter Ellison is an exciting place for attorneys and staff to work, thanks to its rich history, industry expertise, global reach, and commitment to employee development and well-being. As a leading law firm in the Asia Pacific region, Minter Ellison offers a unique opportunity to be part of a team that is shaping the future of the legal industry. Whether you are a seasoned attorney looking for new challenges or a recent graduate eager to kickstart your career, Minter Ellison provides the platform and support needed to thrive in a dynamic and ever-evolving legal landscape.

Practice Areas

Minter Ellison practices law in the following areas and works with its clients to provide the best possible legal solutions.

Hiring Criteria

Minter Ellison follows the set of hiring criteria outlined below.


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