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17 Weber Street West, | Kitchener | Ontario | N2H 3Y9

Phone: 519-578-9010 | Fax: 519-578-1590

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Shuh, Cline & Grossman Reviews

"Lack of Management, Direction & Ethics"   - Anonymous      Write an Anonymous Review

- Reviewed on Sep 01, 2020

Advice to law firm management: Treat your employees with respect. Stop allowing other employees to treat fellow co-workers terribly and in a harassing, sexist manner. Hire cleaners. Reply to emails and phone calls instead of ignoring them. Set up protocols and follow them Follow LSO protocols

Pros: Located close to the court house.

Cons: -lack of leadership -lack of direction by lawyers to staff -specific staff members are not trained, properly. -associate partner has harassing qualities, sexist remarks, engages in office politics and back stabbing fellow employees -lack of parking for clients, as the staff take all the spots -dirty, mismanaged office. no cleaning or proper hygiene by staff -client files & payments go missing, inputted into wrong accounts -overdrawn accounts as partners hire bookkeepers not skilled or qualified on programs or accounting principles.

Partners to Avoid and Why: Khaled Wahab - sexist, misogynistic attitude towards female staff. Rude to clients, including yelling at them over the phone, and sarcastically speaking to them, in front of staff. Firing a client if they question his abilities. Is not familiar enough with procedures to be practicing "on his own". He continually requires staff to assist him in order for work to be completed properly, filed at court, or following up with trial coordinators etc. William Cline - Cold, abrupt personality that is not willing to engage clients and/or staff. Ridiculously charges clients an outrageous amount for the littlest things, that in reality he does not do, assistants and other staff do them. Refusal to assist with opening the door when downstairs staff are off, and will instead ignore it. Does not reply to emails from staff, or return phone calls. Fred Shuh - avoids any and all involvement with female staff. Does not like it when they try to encourage him new techniques or procedures. Doesn't allow himself to be available when necessary. Does not reply to emails. If you do not have something in writing from him, he will deny ever saying something, or "can't remember". Problem is, he will never respond to emails, so you do not have the proof when he calls you a liar. Is not at the location enough to see the issues that are happening in the firm between staff members, clients, and other professionals.

Favorite Things About this Firm: It's a job. Pays are direct deposit, but if you require other things like vacation, record of employments etc, it is near impossible to get information, let alone actually get them to give you what you are entitled to.

Current or former employee?: Current Employee

Job type: Freelance
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