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203 N LaSalle St #2170, | Chicago | IL | 60601
Phone: 773-465-6290  | Fax: 773-465-6299 

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Law Office of Ranj Mohip LLC Reviews

"Excellent real estate attorney in Chicago"

- Reviewed on January 19, 2017

Add an incentive program. The same people sign up for extra hours when there's a new project, but other employees never do.

Pros : Managing partner is very fair. I always got the time off I requested. Great work environment. Boss is very supportive and patient. Takes your side over the client if you didn't do anything wrong.
Cons : When we get swamped, its all hands on deck. The pressure can be overwhelming at first, but you get used to it.
Approve of the CEO[?] : Yes
Recommend this employer to a friend? : Yes
Business outlook for the next 6 months? : up
Current or former employee? : Former Employee
Last Year at Employer : 2016
Job type : Full time