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Hillsboro Center, 600 West Hillsboro Boulevard, Suite 220 | Deerfield Beach | FL | 33441-1610
Phone: 954-570-6757  | Fax: 954-570-6760 

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- Reviewed on September 09, 2017

Advice to law firm management: Personally, the firm could use a better way of working so no one is over worked or not being paid for the work that they do. It is one thing to stay after an hour or two to help with a case that you really care about, it's another to stay after for hours and not even get paid for a case that isn't really going anywhere. I'd suggest rotating the employees so some get days off and no one is overworked.

Pros: This was a great place to get experience and learn the ways of a firm. I did learn a lot from working here and was able to better handle situations that arose in the firm's offices. The staff was helpful when it came to learning and was looking out for your interests in that regard.

Cons: Unfortunately, the experience from working there was given at a price. The pay was horrible and we were often paid for fewer hours than we worked. Staff didn't have a life outside of the firm and that caused many of the staff to be snippy and just really not enjoy being there.

Current or former employee?: Former Employee


The Ticktin Law Group is a business and is run as one. Just as we advise our business clients, we encourage the making of a business plan, which always starts with objectives. Goals are everything. Yogi Berra once said: “You’ve got to be very careful if you don’t know where you are going, because you might not get there.” Part and parcel to the Goal is the Mission Statement. The Goal gives direction and the Mission Statement refines it. Ours is simple, and has 2 parts.Over and above corporate work, contract drafting, legal advice, business litigation, and intellectual property, we also provide legal services for matters including wills, trusts, and estates, real estate closings, help for those facing the threat of foreclosure, bankruptcy, divorce, and personal injury. First, unlike the typical responsive approach, we are proactive. We first define your goals and then implement a plan to accomplish them. We treat each problem as an opportunity to find a creative solution. We apply the mantra in “Results Through Creative Thinking.” Once we know our goals, we then develop a plan of action. Our lawyers are carefully chosen to ensure the right attitude, ability and accountability. We define accountability as “doing what was promised at the time that it was promised.” The Ticktin Law Group has put a great deal of thought into what makes the most ideal law firm – from a business’ and an individual’s point of view — and we are committed to living up to that level. Excellent legal advice and legal services are what we provide for all of our clients.

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