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Motley Rice.
Main Office: 28 Bridgeside Blvd | Mount Pleasant | SC | 29464
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Motley Rice. - Reviews

Motley Rice. - Reviews

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Good for Your Career, But Sometimes Feeling Underappreciated
Aug 18, 2017 - Current Employee
Current Employee

Reconsider how bonuses are determined and allocated. Take a hard look at how productive major partners are on a regular basis. I sometimes felt like individual high-ranking partners got too much credit for their teams' success and were rewarded in ways that didn't motivate everyone to do their best at all times.

I found the benefits package to be quite satisfactory compared to what I was offered by other local firms. For the most part, it was a physically pleasant environment in a nice area, and working here helped advance my career. After I left and applied for another job, I was told that having experience from here helped my resume stand out.

My base compensation was only average compared to what other people I knew were making - it seems like they justified this by mentioning the benefits package. A lack of accountability was a problem at times as well - it seemed like other people were always trying to pass work off onto me, which tended to lead to dissatisfaction when it came time to determine bonuses.

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