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Reviewed on November 12, 2021

I think most of them, are shady I did not meet one that wasn't, and when I would speak to colleagues on this matter, they seem to condone it also. It's like if you have reservations of their ethical values, what they encompass your are shunned as the good bad guy. They made me feel like I was a softy and would never make it in a law firm, like Rice. Either adapt or move on basically. So I moved on.

They short change their clients, I seen first hand and I am actually in process of helping some of the people who are not happy with their case, and how it was handled. They make clients feel they are there for them but really they are there for themselves. And the exact opposite of why I am here.

Your firm is supposed to be in business to help your clients and I can personally tell that is not the case. I will not post specifics because they know.

There is a handful of partners that I could list here but will not because I would never work again they would know who I was immediately and I cannot take that risk. I am risking a lot just trying to warn th next. But I honestly cannot sleep at night after seeing what they have done to clients that have already been through enough and do not understand the legal lingo we do. I would literally cringe in my soul when I heard certain things. I want to say, I am not an angry let go employee, I left on my own. No amount of money for me, is enough to ruin lives like this firm has. They are not the good guys and it's embarrassing to me to be labeled an employee that works there. Most people haven't a clue but I like to be able to sleep at night, and I could not working for this firm and sleep comfortably knowing their ethical standards.

Nothing they treat their employees like hired help' and I do not mean that in any positive way at all. They make you feel like they can treat you and speak to you in any way because they are the big firm that nobody wants to touch, as why I am not leaving my name because I would never work again if they knew who wrote this. If intimidation is what you like work for Motley Rice.

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Reviewed on October 25, 2021

You should be more honest with the people that come to you for help, they should really be honest and tell the truth. That you do not care about them personally, they are just a number, that they will be told that they will get the best care by coming to them but that is just a ploy to get these poor people that they take advantage off I seen some things that I was so ashamed of, that I left and I am not looking back. They make themselves out to be a hero but all they really are, is sucking these poor men and woman in to take all their monies. If I could say to the firm management, it would be all darkness comes too the light, when you do bad to enough people your behavior will eventually come to the light.

There is nothing at all 'good' I can say about them not one thing. I'm sorry.

They lie to their clients, they use victims just to build their pot of gold, not to help the victims. I have been lied too for the past three years of my life, almost four by the lying thieves at Motley Rice. When I first became acquainted with them, I felt like they were professional and understanding but that soon changed very quickly. I would never send anyone to this firm, I would never tell any to come here for help because I they do not look to help the victim they are just a number to them, especially in the larger profile cases. They are disgusting if you want me to be honest, I would never work there again I left on my own free will, and planned to help the people they have really screwed over.

I would not recommend this company to work for, to associate with or any form of relations unless you like to be lied to and stolen from.

Nothing, they are liars. They steal from poor people, injured people to build their business and firm. I seen this first hand and I am ashamed that I ever even associated myself with them. When I went to school, I told myself that I would never do what they do to their clients. Never! And I kept catching little things and then one day it was blatantly obvious what they were about and we are not the same. I work everyday to make my clients life easier, these people build people up to let them down in the end. They are disgusting sharks and hope this helps one person.

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Motley Rice LLC, One of the Nation's Largest Plaintiffs' Litigation Firms We are proud to be a firm that offers a breadth and depth of complex litigation, trial and resolution involvement and experience in multiple litigation areas. Motley Rice has played significant leadership roles in large and impactful settlements, decisions and cases, including negotiating the BP Deepwater Horizon Economic and Property Damages and Medical Benefits Settlements, holding Arab Bank accountable for funding terrorist activity, achieving the $500 million decision for asbestos victims and their families against Travelers Insurance Company, taking on 9/11 litigation on behalf of more than 6,600 family members and survivors, among other notable litigation.*

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Motley Rice. practices law in the following areas and works with its clients to provide the best possible legal solutions.

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