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Main Office:
801 South Rancho Drive, Suite D4 | Las Vegas | NV | 89106
Phone: 702-384-7111  | Fax: 702-384-0605 

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Albright, Stoddard, Warnick & Albright Reviews

"Great Business Firm"      Write an Anonymous Review

- Reviewed on October 26, 2017

Try and make the atmosphere more welcoming for new employees. That will make everyone happier and make everything better overall.

Pros : Working at this firm has been an enjoyable experience and I have learned a lot while working here. It has been nothing but good.
Cons : I feel like there is an atmosphere of having to prove yourself that can get quite annoying. I do not see the need for that.
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"A highly respected Las Vegas law firm"      Write an Anonymous Review

- Reviewed on July 01, 2017

This is a thriving firm and wonderful place to work but you need to make sure you have ability and confidence in your ability. Those traits will serve you well, along with hard work and the proper preparation of your cases.

Pros : This firm has a very family style environment for its employees. They have been in business for several decades and the senior staff really take an interest the development of the junior staff. The commercial and business litigation divisions always have plenty of projects to work on at any given time.
Cons : The firm is really growing and a lot of new staff are coming on board all the time. It sometimes feels like you can get a little lost in the shuffle if you don't really speak up for yourself.
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"This Firm Was Great"      Write an Anonymous Review

- Reviewed on December 16, 2017

This firm should consider paying more for good employees to staff. This will help boost morale and make employees happy.

Pros : Working at this firm taught me a lot about my career. They train you very well and they always give good advice on how to better your career. If you ever leave for a better opportunity they are happy for you and will give you a great recommendation.
Cons : The only problem with this firm is the pay and lack of upward mobility. The environment was great, but I got an offer for more pay at a different firm that I couldn't turn down. They understood but I wish they could have paid me more.
Current or former employee? : Former Employee