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200 Market Avenue North, Suite 300 | Canton | OH | 44702

Phone: 330-455-0173 | Fax: 330-455-2633

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Day Ketterer Ltd Reviews

"Great Attention To Detail"   - Anonymous      Write an Anonymous Review

- Reviewed on Aug 04, 2017

Advice to law firm management: My advice to management is to improve what your standards already are. Treat employees better by giving them regular raises, increase incentives and bonuses, and create more opportunities to move up with our careers.

Pros: Everyone is great to work with and it's shocking but the firm has this eye for attention to detail that is amazingly beautiful and visually stunning. The pay is fair, benefits are solid and there are some incentives and opportunities for promotions.

Cons: At times the place can feel boring due to the lack of workload. There are very few big cases available. The pay isn't what you would expect when seeing the place. It can be a little disappointing even though it's fair.

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