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Reviewed on December 18, 2017

As I mentioned, I would like to see more promotions given out to those that are deserving. I feel as though the work can be quite difficult and we have won some big cases in the past after of which promotions should of been given out.

There is plenty of work to go around and I have found as someone that really enjoys their work, that this is beneficial since I am always learning new things on the job and am always busy which is a huge plus.

I have found the room for advancement in the law firm itself to be somewhat lacking. I would like to see more promotions given out to me and my fellow employees.

Current Employee

Reviewed on October 26, 2017

I would like to see management start to downsize in terms of the number of cases that we take on. Other than that I think we could use some more interns to help us out.

Everyone is very professional and always quick to lend a hand. The pay is also great and everyone really cares about their clients here.

It is extremely fast paced. We are always busy working on both small and big cases and it can be overwhelming at times being in the office.

Current Employee


Jenner & Block is defined by the exceptional results we produce, the values we share, the clients we serve and most importantly, our lawyers. Jenner & Block lawyers consistently deliver excellence in the most complex and demanding legal matters, both litigation and transactions. They do not consider the practice of law a job, but rather a calling to serve clients, the profession and the community. No matter what legal challenge is presented, our powerful combination of experience, professionalism and teamwork helps clients achieve their goals.

Practice Areas

Jenner & Block. practices law in the following areas and works with its clients to provide the best possible legal solutions.

Hiring Criteria

Jenner & Block. follows the set of hiring criteria outlined below.

At Jenner, complete efforts are made to devote extensive resources for creating as well as maintaining environment for superior talent. At the firm, a full time partner serves as the firm's chief talent officer and oversees the firm's development programs. This official implements a comprehensive strategy that is designed to ensure the training and growth of an associate. The firm has a formal firm-wide mentoring program that takes full effort for the mentoring of first, second, and third year associates.

At the same time, the firm also has a career development plan program that is designed to prepare mid level and senior level associates for partnership. The firm looks for candidates who are capable of working in a team based and collegial environment and feel confident in working with the latest technologies. Besides, they should be able to receiving extensive training and mentoring that could help them continuously learn and become highly capable professionals.

Pro bono

Jenner and Block have an award-winning pro bono program that offers a range of unparalleled opportunities for learning and development. The firm strongly encourages associates to utilize pro bono services to gain more client contact and pursue a broad range of areas of interest and develop the necessary skills and aptitude for pro bono cases.

Associates are encouraged to take on a wide range of pro bono cases such as appeals to criminal trials as well as asylum hearings to civil rights litigation. The firm offers a variety of pro bono opportunities for transactional lawyers. This also includes representing artists and not-for-profit organizations in a broad range of transactional matters.

Jenner allows associates to select their own pro bono cases and work with a supervising attorney of their choice. This arrangement allows for a broader exposure to partners and areas of law. It can also be an outstanding way for associates to gain experience in a quick manner. The firm does not restrict the amount of pro bono work that attorneys can undertake.

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Notable cases

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Jenner & Block Named to American Lawyer A-List: Jenner & Block has been named to The American Lawyer's 2012 A-List. It recognizes the 20 most elite law firms across the country for outstanding performance in the areas of revenue generation, pro bono commitment, associate satisfaction and diversity representation.

Jenner & Block Named Nation's Top Firm for Pro Bono by The American Lawyer: Jenner & Block has been recognized as the No. 1 law firm in the country for pro bono service by The American Lawyer magazine in its annual pro bono rankings. More than 71,000 hours of pro bono service were provided by Jenner & Block attorneys in 2011 in a wide range of matters.

National Law Journal Recognizes Jenner & Block's Appellate Practice for Fourth Year in a Row: Jenner & Block has been named to The National Law Journal's "Appellate Hot List" for the fourth consecutive year.

Diversity Write a review

At Jenner and Block, diversity is given prime importance to promote inclusion within the firm and profession as well as the community and society. The firm is deeply committed to equality and social justice. It deeply believes that diverse teams arrive at better and more creative legal solutions. The firm adheres to its core values and expects every individual in the firm to take up personal responsibility for supporting diversity within the organization and even fostering an inclusive environment. The organization is proud that its efforts have received high recognition and its legal matters have created a great social impact.

The firm recognizes that it is essential for a diverse team of attorneys to provide its clients with the best possible legal services. For this reason, it focuses on hiring and developing lawyers who reflect the kaleidoscopic nature of cultures in the country and create an environment wherein everyone feels included and is respected for their ability to contribute fully.

The firm has a variety of policies as well as support structures in place to promote and maintain the diversity of programs that it has in place. The efforts of the firm are guided by the firm's diversity and inclusion committee that has existed at the firm since 20 years. This is also supported by an associate board that consists of 16 associates that have been appointed throughout the firm.

Additionally the firm also provides leadership, sponsorship and financial support to various associations and organizations which are focused on promoting diversity within the legal profession. Some of the examples include the Women's Bar Association of the District of Columbia and Illinois, the Minority Corporate Counsel Association (MCCA), and the Hispanic Bar Association, just to name a few. The firm also supports and participates in conferences such as the National Lesbian and Gay Law Association's Lavender Law annual conference, the National Bar Association Commercial Litigation Conference, the American Bar Association's Spirit of Excellence Awards and the North American South Asian Bar Association conference. Also, the members of the Firm serve in various leadership positions in a variety of professional organizations which pursue equality and diversity in the legal profession.

Moreover, the firm also works with schools as well as other organizations to build diverse group of students who are interested in the legal profession. At the same time, the firm also demonstrates the importance of diversity as well as inclusion through the work on various national level legal matters that have far reaching impact. It has played an active role in many major cases that have made the firm proud of its achievements when it comes to diversity.

Summer associate program

Jenner and Block recruits a diverse and talented summer associate class across its offices in Chicago, Los Angeles, New York and Washington, DC offices. The summer associate program is designed to give candidates a sense of what it is like to work at Jenner & Block. It gives them a feeling of its people, work, values, and culture. Summer associates have the opportunity to work on client matters, attend training programs, social events and determine if the firm is the right fit after their graduation.

The firm hosted 37 summer associates in their Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, and Washington, DCC offices. Jenner and Block anticipate a similar size program in 2013. Summer associates are chosen based on a broad range of credentials that includes academic credentials, relevant experience and results which are based on face to face interviews. The process usually begins with an on-campus interview that is followed by interviews at the Firm. Summer associates have the opportunity of working on a broad range of projects such as participating in training programs and attending social activities.

The program is designed to help candidates work on a broad range of projects as well as participate in the training programs and even attend social activities. The program is designed in such a manner to experience how the firm participates in pro bono activities, training and development activities within an inclusive and diverse environment. At the firm, summer associates are assigned mentors who help ensure that the students have a successful experience by helping them to select assignments and manage your workload as well as meet new people during their stay at the firm. Mentors are responsible to answer any question that they may have during their time at the firm.

Summer associates are assigned mentors during the summer program. Your mentor helps ensure that you have a successful experience by helping you select assignments, manage your workload and meet people. Your mentor is there to answer any questions that you may have during your time at the Firm.

Working for the Jenner & Block.
Working for Jenner Block can be a pleasing and fulfilling experience. The firm hires attorneys with a broad range of interesting and varied backgrounds. The firm attracts many capable and sophisticated lawyers with exemplary backgrounds and high capabilities. These lawyers are leaders in their own fields. Candidates who are looking for sophisticates work and top notch training as well as top notch training including professional development are welcome to apply.

Additionally, colleagues at Jenner Block have a broad and deep commitment to pro bono as well as public service. In addition to a diverse and collegial work environment, the firm appreciates team work, collaboration as well as strategic thinking. As soon as an attorney accepts an offer from Jenner and Block, the lateral orientation program assists in their successful transfer to the Firm. They are also matched with mentors who can help them quickly integrate with the firm.


Jenner & Block

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