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Main Office:
353 N. Clark St., | Chicago | IL | 60654
Phone: 312-222-9350  | Fax: 312-527-0484 

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Jenner & Block, L.L.P. Reviews

"A firm where professionalism is praised and associates are encouraged to act ethically"

- Reviewed on July 01, 2017

This is probably a decent fit for many new associates. You may very well thrive at this firm. But get to know the management first before applying.

Pros : At this firm, associates and partners alike are subject to ethical standards which they may not be used to. That is probably because the firm is not interested in getting into ethical hot water.
Cons : The partnership track is not well-defined. The managing partners do not appear interested in bringing on new management at this time and it is not clear when that might change. If you want to make partner, this may not be the firm for you.
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