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Ikard Golden Jones, P.C.

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400 West 15th Street, Suite 975 | Austin | TX | 78701

Phone: 512-472-6695 | Fax: 512-472-3669

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Ikard Golden Jones, P.C. Reviews

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- Reviewed on Sep 18, 2017

Advice to law firm management: This firm needs to consider a more remote location if they ever want to expand their services. This will help the business grow and give employees more opportunities.

Pros: This firm was a fun place to work. Staff was treated well and the starting pay was good for the position. The overtime was also nice and usually offered whenever employees wanted it. The hours were manageable and I never felt overwhelmed working here.

Cons: One issue with this firm is the location. It's a bit out of the way and only sticks to assisting local clients. I think if they expanded their services the firm would greatly improve.

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