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Clifford Chance follows the set of hiring criteria outlined below.

Hiring Criteria

Clifford Chance ensures that those they hire get benefitted by learning how to maintain the highest global standards of business and law. The firm believes in being uncompromising in quality and scale of resources necessary to meet clients' needs. Clifford Chance offers law students a chance to join a major US practice firm which has 34 offices worldwide. The integrated worldwide firm provides legal advice to the world's topmost financial institutions and corporations while also participating in legal standings for governments. The combination our multi-lingual and worldwide resources make the company uniquely qualified to handle complex transactions and disputes. Clifford Chance attorneys can practice in different offices around the world. Dedication and creativity are the hallmarks of the firm while also encouraging to the collegial atmosphere. Clifford Chance has always maintained working relationships with top clients which would enrich all those working there. The law student's exposure to the complex cross-border litigation cases and transactions is bound to boost overall knowledge, insight and confidence. Working with high-profile clients is a blessing for learning which will enhance any lawyer's ability to think through a range of challenges for bringing out several successful completions.

Pro bono

Despite the increased demand of the firm's lawyers' time, Clifford Chance attaches great importance to pro bono work. Pro bono work is acknowledged during the appraisals of each of the lawyers but those who take part in it are not motivated by any reward. Justice is what drives them to take a career in the law and pro bono work gives them an outside perspective to the world outside business law and also a valuable opportunity to make social impact. For a Clifford Chance lawyer, all types of pro bono work is included. Sometimes, some of them spend evenings working in local community legal clinic while some monitor the proceedings in major international courts. Many work outside the in-house legal teams for different clients thereby strengthening many business relationships.