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24 South Weber Street, Suite 400 | Colorado Springs | CO | 80903

Phone: 719-634-5700 | Fax: 719-633-8477

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Sparks Willson, P.C. Reviews

"Awesome Law Firm to Work For"   - Anonymous      Write an Anonymous Review

- Reviewed on Sep 09, 2017

Advice to law firm management: If parking is becoming an issue for employees, the firm should possibly reconsider locating. It might affect business slightly, but many areas offer parking that isn't too far from your current location.

Pros: I've been with this firm for quite some time now and have had a great experience working here. Upper management offers great salaries to new and long term employees, and provides bonuses for referring new employees. I only had one minor issue with an employee but Human Resources were able to take care of the issue immediately and treat me with dignity and respect.

Cons: Unfortunately this firm is located in a difficult area. Traffic can be chaotic at times and there's no place to park half of the time. It would be nice if they offered a parking lot but I understand with the given location we are in.

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