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524 Second Avenue, Suite 500 | Seattle | WA | 98104-2323

Phone: 206-587-0700 | Fax: 206-587-2308

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Cairncross & Hempelmann. Reviews

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- Reviewed on Jul 21, 2017

Advice to law firm management: As with many firms, this one represents a great opportunity for a new associate looking to make an impact from day one. If that person is you, you should definitely think about applying here.

Pros: You will find it relatively easy to get ahead here. The firm does take new partners from time to time. Many associates will be revitalized to know they have a shot at partnership at this firm.

Cons: You might find the salary is not as robust at this firm as it is elsewhere. Maybe this is a tradeoff for accepting new partners on a regular basis. If you want a high salary, you should probably look elsewhere instead of Cairncross Hempelmann.

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