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Baker Botts LLP follows the set of hiring criteria outlined below.

Hiring Criteria

Baker Botts places great value on incoming law students. The firm employs talented law students. The firm selects from the highest-ranking graduates amongst the topmost law schools in the country.

The firm has an established set of core attributes that they seek in candidates. These attributes include self-confidence, dedication and commitment to excellence. Other talents that can grow with the progress of time are creative problem solving and relationship building.

Baker Botts nurtures these core attributes through their training and development programs.

Pro bono

The firm has always followed a policy of giving back to the community from which it has gained so much. Helping those who need their services guides them in their commitment and each year, Baker Botts provides thousands of hours of pro bono legal services to many causes that include, civil right cases, death penalty cases, family law issues, constitutional law issues and community development.

The firm influences it lawyers to contribute to the firm's pro bono work and treat it just as they would other paying clients, providing them of their best services with full resources of the firm and the same level of commitment and excellence. It motivates its lawyers to consider pro-bono work as enriching as working for fee-paying clients.

It is estimated that the firm spends almost 50,000 hours on pro bono work each year. Changing lives forever, assisting in getting the innocent off death rows, putting children back in schools and giving families another chance at life.

In 2010 the firm reunited a Salvadoran woman, with her family, after nearly three years, after she escaped from the clutches of trafficking ring. Baker Botts managed to get her a visa and other requisite paperwork that helped her be back, safe and secure, amidst her family.

A center serving persons with mental retardation was put up for sale by the City of Houston. The firm successfully defended it, preventing the sale. It would have disrupted the lives of nearly a thousand mentally challenged people and their families.