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Miami, FL
Legal Solutions Architect The candidate will provide responsibilities include: Identify and document the Project goals, objectives, milestones and measures upon which the Project will be evaluated at its completion. Create a clear, concise and detailed work plan which identifies and sequences the activities needed to successfully execute, monitor and complete the Project. Develop a time schedule for Project activities/completion that effectively allocates budgeted resource...
New York City, NY
Project Manager The candidate will be responsible for: Lead Program Ground Management - Monitor achievement of program outcomes in the following areas: financial coaching, frontline staff financial security, and organizational development and progress. Promote project evaluation efforts by defining evaluation goals and key questions in conjunction with the Assistant Director. Work with the Clinic’s and ecosystem partners’ data and evaluation teams to manage data collec...
Boston, MA
Director of Legal Programs Responsibilities and Duties: Conduct legal intake at our main site, 889 Harrison Ave. and at our satellite location at Franklin Field located at 145 Ames Street Dorchester, MA 02124; Serve as the agency’s main point of contact for legal questions; provide appropriate advice and referrals to legal issues ranging from emergency shelter denial to child support issues; Collaboratively work with attorneys from legal aid agencies such as Greater...
Rockville, MD
Analyst, Private Placement - Corporate Financing Duties: Conducts independent reviews and investigations of potential rule violations relating to private placement filings, as well as complaints or inquiries received from the public, members, district offices or other regulatory organizations. In conducting complaint or inquiry investigations, reviews materials, gathers additional facts, provides written comments, and summarizes the results into an investigative memorandum...
Bronx, NY
Staff Attorney - Integrated Domestic Violence Part Duties: Handle a high volume of cases from intake through trial. Under the supervision of the Co-Borough Director, will ensure that CLC maintains high standards of representation and client services. , Conduct interviews with clients and other individuals;, Handle court appearances and part coverage;, Subpoena or otherwise obtain all necessary documentation in order to prepare cases;, Maintain comprehensive and well organi...
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