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Norwalk Education Attorney Jobs in In-House

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Stamford, CT
Director, Senior Counsel Duties: Provide proactive and effective legal services, training and counsel at all levels of the Company on a wide variety of legal issues/matters. Ensure that strategies, programs, policies, practices and initiatives comply with all laws, regulations and rules. Identify and advise on the management of potential legal risks in all areas. Manage legal claims and litigation (general, commercial and product liability). Assist in developing and coordi...
Old Westbury, NY
Director, Compliance & Title IX Coordinator Duties: Serve as the official with primary responsibility for ensuring the institution's compliance with, and the prompt and equitable resolution of all complaints pursuant to, Title IX, VAWA, Campus SaVe Act, New York Education Law Article 129-A and 129-B, child abuse laws, and other related laws/regulations. Reviewing, investigating, and resolving reports of sex discrimination and/or harassment (including sexual violence), stal...
Old Westbury, NY
University Compliance Director & Title IX Coordinator Duties: provide leadership, guidance and oversight in support of the institution's compliance obligations under a variety of global, federal and state laws as well as institutional policy prohibiting discrimination, harassment, sexual misconduct and retaliation. will review, investigate, and recommend appropriate actions regarding all compliance and Title IX issues/concerns within all campuses. Reports to the Presiden...
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