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Patent Trademark Legal Assistant Jobs in Government

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Houston, TX
Posted Date
Feb 07, 2021
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with employers in the legal profession. Familiarity with Canvas... LMS or Blackboard Collaborate is preferred. The candidate who have not used Canvas/Blackboard previously must have a high level of technical ability and a willingness to learn. Delivery options include morning,... read more
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Livermore, CA
diverse markets, and establish patent protection requirements and supervise... patent preparation, filing and prosecution.... Take the lead in the negotiation and execution of R&D collaborations and commercial licenses for technologies and capabilities in the biological and life sciences sectors. Evaluate...
Golden, CO
Professional III - Patent Agent The candidate works... IP Counsel to handle patent matters. Supports the timely... laboratory's domestic and foreign patent dockets. Ensures that commercially... important inventions are protected by valid patents; renders opinions regarding infringement and validity of...
Brighton, CO
Legal Secretary The candidate will... perform complex technical legal duties including the processing... of documents through the legal system and overall support... resolves problems without giving legal advice. Should have High... have 3-5 years of legal secretarial experience in a... legal...
Jersey City, NJ
Administrative Assistant VI Duties: Performs highly... administrative tasks for the legal department which include: record... and maintain department's PTO records, prepare attorney expense reports, travel coordination, maintain and distribute department's supply stock, prepare check requisitions and pay vendor invoices, maintain...
Respond to inquiries from legal and law enforcement agencies... complete indigent application for legal representation for no-cost civil... court case processing, a legal secretarial or related field.... May be requested to complete the New Mexico Court Monitor Certification Examination. Must...
Patent Agent Duties: Preparing... and filing patent applications duties: Conducting preliminary... patent searches; reviewing proposed publications... issues of patentability; drafting patent applications, using the invention... actions/examiner reports from governmental patent office; assessing patentability issues;... to new inventions; conducting patent infringement analysis and evaluating... patent...
Los Angeles
Junior Patent Agent The candidate will... work in the area of patent prosecution. B.A./B.S./Undergraduate degree required.... 1-2 years of experience needed....
Los Angeles
Patent Agent/Staff Scientist (Part-time) The... candidate should have a Bachelor's degree and/or graduate study experience in electrical engineering, computer science, or physics. 1+ years of experience in electrical engineering or computer arts is required. Excellent writing and analytical skills are...
Los Angeles
firm is seeking a Patent Agent/Staff Scientist with 1+... year of experience in electrical engineering or computer arts. The candidate should have a Bachelor's degree and/or graduate study experience in Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, or Physics. Excellent writing and analytical...
Assistant and advise applicants on legal requirements in the preparation... experience with preparation of legal documents or instruments or... rules, regulations and other legal requirements. Substitution: Partial... a substantially full-time equivalent legal stenographer, legal secretary or... techniques unique to the legal profession may be substituted......
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