International Legal Job Description

'International legal refers to laws, regulations and treaties within the international legal realm. Matters within the international legal realm are varied and can involve comparative law, business and economic law, banking and finance law, trade law, environmental law, human rights and humanitarian law, criminal law, the laws of war, conflict of laws, and international arbitration, among other matters.

Here are a few sample international legal job descriptions:

International Legal Practice Internship

The interns will be involved full-time in the firm's activities to be as productive as possible in client matters on the host's behalf. Assignments can be given to the intern from several directions, assuring a sufficient amount of activity during the intern's stay. An intern will benefit not only from substantive independent assignments suitable to the intern's abilities, but also from the opportunity to observe members of the firm at work in client interviewing, conferences, and court. Each intern must keep daily time-sheets for supervising attorney(s) to sign and submit these to CILS at the end of the internship (sample). Each intern must also submit a 1500-3000 word reflective essay on own experience. Law students who have completed at least one third of their professional degree requirements before the placement commences with good grades (GPA 2.67/4.00 or higher) and recent law graduates may participate in the program will be considered. Fluency in a language (other than English) relevant to the proposed destination is helpful, sometimes essential.

Duration: 3-10 weeks (usually 5-6 weeks)'

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