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4 Star Rating


The Travelers Indemnity Company.

Main Office: 385 Washington Street | Saint Paul | MN | 55102
Phone: 651-310-7911 | Fax: 651-310-3386

Saint Paul

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Reviewed on December 16, 2017
Current Employee

Remind people that socializing is optional and keep people from stressing from it too much but also encourage those that want to join in to do so.

Not only is everyone here paid fairly but everyone just seems to get along and is fairly relaxed. It would be in character for most people to say hello outside of work and just chat.

Some people may hate the forced feeling of interacting with co-workers outside of normal work hours if they have a hard time with dealing with people.

Current Employee

Reviewed on October 24, 2017
Current Employee

Train management to run the firm better. Raise the pay to an adequate level.

The staff are excellent to work with. The work is interesting at times. This is a great experience for newcomers. You will learn a lot.

The pay isn't what it should be and there are some issues with management.

Current Employee



In an uncertain world, Travelers is an insurance leader, committed to keeping pace with the ever-changing needs of our customers, and anticipating their needs for the future. There is no stronger testament to our dedication to protecting customers from loss than our continued innovation and ability to transform our industry.

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