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Dallas City Attorney's Office
Main Office: 1500 Marilla, Room 7CN | Dallas | TX | 75201-6622
Phone: 214-670-3519 | Fax: 214-670-0622

Dallas City Attorney's Office

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Reviewed on March 22, 2022

Management does not care to hear advice.

Unfortunately not much good. They do give employees more than the usual holidays off.

Most are low paid and overworked. Management has their cliques they reward, the rest are told just be thankful they have a job. In the years of 2021 - 2022 there was a mass exit, including myself, because there is no reward or recognition for hard work. Sad that management does not care at all about their employees.

The attorneys I worked for were the worst I have ever supported in any firm. I would avoid the majority of them there. Most overwork and are very unappreciative.

Holidays off and vacations

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Full time


That is quite a job! Our office handles approximately 500 lawsuits that are filed against the City every year. Additionally, we handle hundreds of thousands of cases involving violations of city ordinances that are filed annually in municipal court. Our office also advises the City Council, the City Manager, Boards and Commissions, and all City Departments on the many legal issues that arise on a daily basis at the city. With 87 attorneys, the Dallas City Attorney's Office is among the largest municipal legal departments in the nation. The size of Dallas' legal department is exceeded by only a handful of cities, including New York , Chicago, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Houston and Phoenix. In many respects, the role of City Attorney in a large metropolitan area is analogous to both that of general counsel of a corporation and of managing partner of a large private law firm. Like other large city attorney offices, the Dallas City Attorney's Office provides transactional and advisory services as general counsel, and litigation services, handling the bulk of lawsuits in-house. The General Counsel Division, the Litigation Division, and the Community Advocacy Division of the City Attorney's Office are each divided into several sections.

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