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Determining attorney compensation and Its Effect on Overall Practice Strategy

What are some of the options and issues regarding attorney compensation? This one issue is central to every other decision in a law firm, especially the firm's strategy and direction. Certainly this is one of the most often discussed subjects of law practice management, since by definition it affects all attorneys. The pages of practice management books and law journals have lengthier analysis of more types of plans than one would think possible to exist. Someone once made the comment that for every 20 law firms there must be at least 25 different compensation schemes—just for partners! + read more

Using Interactive Reviews to Motivate and Train Staff

A firm of 10 attorneys in a large city relied on 12 staff members to keep office operations running smoothly. All of the attorneys agreed that the employees were meeting the firm's basic expectations. No one felt that more could be expected from the staff because of the limits of staff education, training, ability, and even desire. One former staff member had resigned to enroll in law school the previous year, but the attorneys agreed that this particular case was an exception to the norm and that the rest of the staff had limited career aspirations. + read more

Assessing the Impact of Your Human Resources in Developing Your Legal Practice

Too often, attorneys think that because they are committed to building a practice, their partners, associates, and staff will share their commitment, they eventually discover that this type of enthusiasm does not exist simply for its own sake. They learn that a marketing program, in order for others to embrace it fully, must have its purpose clearly communicated, its strategy logically outlined, and its expectations fully understood. Just as a new practice area can change the way a firm operates, a decision to become proactive with regard to marketing impacts everyone in the firm, from the senior partner to the receptionist. Marketing success depends, therefore, to a great extent on the synergetic force created by a united office effort. + read more

Understanding Generation Y – The Key to Leading a Workforce of the Future

While leading today’s multi-generational workforces, many business leaders recognize two things: First, the organization needs to develop worker strategies taking into account the differences among generations, and second – older generations are constantly losing their stereotypes and gravitating towards adoption of characteristics of generation Y. This happens because individuals like comfort zones (particular to stereotypical generations) and because individuals also adapt continuously to remain relevant (conforming to generation Y characteristics). + read more

Using a Behavioral Interview to the Employer’s Best Advantage

Using a Behavioral Interview to the Employer’s Best Advantage A behavioral interview is only part of a structured interview process, but is extremely important as many interviewers go overboard and either end up alienating candidates or fail to collect relevant behavioral data about the candidate. There is an overwhelming need to collect relevant behavioral data within the limited time span of an interview as well as to keep certain things in mind to make the best use of a behavioral interview. + read more

How Technology is Changing the Recruiting Landscape

How Technology is Changing the Recruiting Landscape Changes in technology have empowered both recruiters and jobseekers, and to a great extent leveled the playing field among all parties involved. No single platform or setting is paramount when it comes to seeking and recruiting talent, but all constitute channels of an integrated recruitment strategy where avenues of jobseeker interaction are nursed according to their importance and employer priorities, but neglected only at the risk of losing relevance. + read more

Hiring a Veteran into a Civilian Workplace

Hiring a Veteran into a Civilian Workplace Veterans can be of invaluable help to a business or company in many ways. The greatest assets of a veteran are credibility, discipline, punctuality, teamwork, and ability to follow and give orders. A veteran may or may not be a computer genius brimming with novel ideas, but a veteran has the greatest chance of adding to the core of trusted personnel within a company – without which core a business workplace is nothing more than a way-house for mercenaries hopping from one job to another. + read more

Big Data: The New Stratagem for HR Recruiting

Big Data: The New Stratagem for HR Recruiting “Is there an easier way to recruit candidates?” This is the question most HR managers and HR professionals ask themselves today. Another question that worries HR professionals is if there is an easy test that could be developed that could determine which candidates could be successful in an organization in the long run. Such a technique, system, or plan does not seem to exist. So what can help you focus on your recruiting efforts or help you send out the right message that could draw in a better and more qualified pool of candidates? Well, all this can change soon with the emergence of Big Data or Big Data analytics. + read more

The Temporary Staffing Strategy - Survival Instinct for Hiring

The Temporary Staffing Strategy - Survival Instinct for Hiring The temporary staffing industry has always been looked upon as a bellwether for the U.S., according to the analysts. It is used during survival mode by most hiring managers. + read more

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