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How to Effectively Interview Lateral Candidates: Pointers for Law Firms

Numerous books, articles, and training materials have been written on the subject of how to successfully interview for a job. Most of this information is geared toward the job candidate, instructing him or her to dress professionally, arrive on time, anticipate difficult questions and prepare responses, maintain eye contact, avoid slouching, and generally make the best impression on potential employers. + read more

How to Conduct an Interview for Lateral Hires

While law firms' lateral hiring pace is likely to slow somewhat this year as many begin refocusing on first-year recruiting, most data suggest that attracting and retaining top laterals in hot practice areas will remain a priority for law firm leaders for some time to come. + read more

How to Check that You Have Hired the Right Laterals

While the desire of your firm to land a promising lateral may be nigh overwhelming, caution is the watchword. Consider this cautionary tale before your firm rushes to retain even its most prized prospect: "Hiring is up, yet my firm seems to be riding into these unions with blinders on," one law firm leader confides, explaining her firm's lateral hiring strategy. "I'll wager that one out of two will end up being a drag on the firm's profits and morale." + read more

How Profitable is a Lateral Prospect

Lateral hires are on the rise, which means law firm leaders must review their due diligence practices, especially when considering prospects who seem too good to be true. There are a number of now crucial areas in which to concentrate your due diligence: + read more

How certain law firms routinely win the most sought-after candidates

There is a select group of candidates that everybody wants, and you know the type we are talking about. Excellent credentials, highly desired practice group, and a great personality to boot. The age-old question for law firms: How do we most effectively recruit these top candidates? + read more

How Attorneys Choose Law Firms

As professional search consultants, part of our job is to counsel attorneys on a daily basis as to how they should choose between competing law firms. There is a considerable degree of insight that is needed to understand the psychology that attorneys attach to choosing between competing offers, and contrary to popular perception, attorneys do not always choose to work in the highest-paying or most prestigious law firms. Understanding why attorneys choose one firm over another can help you both attract and retain attorneys after they are hired. + read more

Have a Focused Search to Get Better Results for Your Lateral Hires

Seventy-five percent of all placement requests are for associates with two-to-four years of experience, largely because firms want lawyers with few rough edges and no immediate expectation of partnership. But the simple rules of supply and demand dictate that having focus is essential, if you want to improve your firm's chances of success. Another necessity: Spell out all expectations to save yourself the aggravation that comes with having to go back and explain to your hiring partner or committee what went "wrong" with a search. Start by asking partners to thoughtfully consider what they want before they ask you to begin the search for a lateral. To help you get them more attuned to actual needs, below are guidelines detailing minimum level requirements you need from partners before you make the first call to a headhunter: + read more

Ensure you hire stars

Far too many legal-hiring organizations fail to hire stars because their hiring process actually prevents superstar candidates from ever getting in the door. By reviewing the following list of suggestions for organizing and streamlining your approach to hiring, you should be able to maximize your chances of hiring the star candidates who may have eluded your recruiting efforts in the past. + read more

Enhance Your Lateral Hiring: Delegate to Your Search Firm!

Law firm recruiting managers are called upon daily to handle a myriad of responsibilities for their firms, including coordinating fall recruiting programs at law schools, planning and managing summer-associate programs, managing lateral hiring, professional development, and conducting partner and associate evaluations. Some of these professionals also handle human resources and marketing functions. These professionals are highly skilled and most often overworked. + read more

Doing Risk Management When it Comes to Your Lateral Hires

When can hiring a lateral be detrimental to your law firm? All firms consider the impact the potential lateral hire will have on the firm's professional liability insurance and take the following precautions: + read more

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