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Corporate Compliance Training, Part II

Corporate Compliance Training, Part II Cultivating a legal and ethical business climate is a two-step process. First, the courts, regulatory agencies, and other governmental bodies need to have the legal and financial wherewithal to investigate and prosecute corporate wrongdoing. Second, corporate America and its employees need to be aware of the changing regulatory and legal landscape, so they can be sure they keep to the straight and narrow path. + read more

Corporate Compliance Training, Part I

Corporate Compliance Training, Part I Corporate America is at a crossroads. Revenue is increasing. Profits are up. The world economy is creating potentially huge new markets. And according to some analysts, the future appears bright. But few times in American history have we witnessed a larger spate of high-profile cases of corporate misconduct. Corporations like Enron, WorldCom, Cendant, Tyco, HealthSouth, and plenty of other companies-and the executives who run them-have been accused (and sometimes convicted) of numerous misdeeds. + read more

Gender Discrimination? Sex Discrimination? Either Way, Employers Need to Protect Themselves

A recent Jackson Lewis Workplace Survey that charts trends and developments in workplace law and related issues found that gender discrimination charges spiked in 2004. In the survey, participants were asked, ''Was your company sued by an employee for any reason during the past year?'' Fifty-eight percent of the respondents cited gender discrimination as the basis for a charge, a substantial increase over the 48 percent who responded the same way in the law firm's 2003 survey. + read more

Ten Tips from Top Marketers for Legal Marketing

Ten Tips from Top Marketers for Legal Marketing Business is still business when it comes to the law. Like any other entity, a firm must stay visible and competitive in its market. ''Legal marketing is more important today than at any other time,'' said Susan Sipe, president of Sipe & Associates, Inc., a legal Internet marketing firm. ''In any business that's run like a business, whether a firm or a corporation, if no one knows what you do or what you are capable of doing, there's no way they'll purchase your services,'' explained Nat Slavin, publisher of Corporate Legal Times and board member-at-large at the Legal Marketing Association (LMA). + read more

Avoiding Conflicts of Interest: Experts Speak Out on Conflicts Checks

Avoiding Conflicts of Interest: Experts Speak Out on Conflicts Checks Whether they're due to a new client, new representation for an existing client, or a lateral hire, regular checks for conflicts of interest have become an essential part of a firm's operations. ''The idea is to be able to allow the firm to identify…a situation which gives rise to an actual conflict of interest, or could potentially rise to a conflict of interest down the line,'' explained Richard E. Flamm, Esq., expert on conflicts of interest and author of Lawyer Disqualification: Conflicts of Interest and Other Bases. ''The proper conflicts check depends on a number of factors, including the jurisdiction you're in and the size of the firm,'' Flamm said. + read more

Violence in the Workplace Protecting Workers and Your Business

Violence in the Workplace Protecting Workers and Your Business The recent murders of Chicago District Judge Joan Humphrey Lefkow's mother and husband and the shooting rampage that killed three in an Atlanta courtroom painfully reminded the legal community of its vulnerability when it comes to workplace violence. The legal community is not alone. The Bureau of Justice Statistics reported that between 1993 and 1999, there was an annual average of 1.7 million violent workplace victimizations. During this same time, there were also 900 workplace-related homicides annually. The National Institute for the Prevention of Workplace Violence reports that in the year 2000, the states with the most deaths resulting from assault and other violent acts at work were California (111), Texas (103), New York (68), and Florida (66). + read more

Home is No Longer a Protected Castle: Employers Regulating Employees Private Lives

First it was Weyco, a medical benefits company in Michigan, dismissing employees who smoked even while away from the workplace, and then it was Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa, located in New Jersey, restricting employees from gaining too much weight. Are companies becoming too intrusive in their employees’ lives?

Legally, it depends, says Peter Petesch, a partner in the Washington, DC, office of Ford and Harrison, LLP, a national labor and employment law firm. What it depends on most is where the company is doing business. It’s mainly a state law issue, Petesch points out, and there are a myriad of state and federal laws and regulations. + read more

Butting In: Employers Penalize Smokers and Overweight Workers

Butting In: Employers Penalize Smokers and Overweight Workers Some companies are enticing employees to lead healthier, more productive lives with a variety of ''wellness'' initiatives, including smoking-cessation counseling and products, weight maintenance plans, and exercise programs. Companies are promoting everything from a discount on smoking replacement aids and health club memberships to substantial discounts on health insurance premiums. + read more

Law Firms Hire Marketing Consultants to Increase Business

Law Firms Hire Marketing Consultants to Increase Business Back when Sol Linowitz was a young attorney in the 1940s, law firms followed a cardinal rule. ''It was considered shockingly bad behavior to solicit legal business,'' Mr.Linowitz, author of The Betrayed Profession and former senior partner at Coudert Brothers wrote, ''The young lawyer was supposed to conduct himself in such a way that his telephone would ring.'' + read more

The Success and Failures of Opening a Branch Office

Being successful in expanding your business is crucial to the overall health of your company. Filling your new office with the right employees is one of the most important aspects of that - find out how. + read more

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