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Mandatory Biglaw Psychological Counseling Seems Like An Occam’s Razor Problem

Lawyer Stress: Let's Deal with the Root Cause & Not Just Manage the Symptoms

Working From Home as an Attorney: Top Tech Tools for Remote Work

As the deadly COVID-19 pandemic is twisting 2020 beyond all recognition, the visibly overwhelmed legal field is beginning to process its severity.

What Do You Really Think About Biglaw?

Many people who choose the law as their career fantasize about working for the large, prestigious firms located in large cities throughout the country. They envision the luxuriant conference rooms where they will make powerhouse deals and the never-ending fast pace of being a rising star in the legal profession. They may realize that they might not start with the large corner office and private paraprofessional staff, but they assume it will one day be part of their rise to success.

Unlocking the Secrets of Biglaw

Large firms that employ one hundred attorneys or more, typically offer some of the most competitive pay and benefits in the legal industry. They recruit from prestigious law schools and are often the most sought after positions straight out of law school. The thinking, among those in the legal industry, is that if you can make a name for yourself in big law, then your career path is guaranteed an upward trajectory.

Will Female Lawyers Ever Be Preferred by Male Clients or Legal Staff?

Deciding whether to have a female lawyer or a male lawyer represent them in court is a preference that comes down to comfort. Since a client should choose a lawyer they are comfortable with, a study performed by Acritas, owned by Thomson Reuters, found that only 17% of male clients choose female partners to handle their legal matters. In 2009, a small survey of 142 legal secretaries was conducted by a Chicago-Kent law professor. None of the legal secretaries expressed a preference for working with a female partner. Will female lawyers or female partners ever be the preference by male clients or legal staff?

Skill Set vs. Cultural Fit: Which One Wins?

Skill Set vs. Cultural Fit: Which One Wins?
Hiring employees is a complicated task and must take into account many variables. When a position opens up, there is usually an established minimum skill set that potential employees need. Beyond the minimum, how much do skill and experience matter versus how well the employee will fit with the company culture.

Recruiting Roadmap for Lateral Candidates

How to Hire a Lateral Attorney

The Difficulties Faced by Law Firms in Hiring Attorneys and Legal Staff

Finding qualified attorneys and legal staff is one of the most challenging hurdles faced by many law firms. Most law firms value education and training, but real-world experience is what they most need. To further contribute to the difficulty in hiring, there is a drought of young fresh professionals who want to work in large firms.

How Can You Attract and Retain Top Attorneys and Legal Professionals?

With fears of a recession looming for the legal industry, record low national unemployment, and an ever-competitive legal market, knowing how to attract attorneys and legal professionals, as well as how to retain attorneys and legal professionals, takes on more significance than in previous decades. In addition to a more competitive environment, a law office must also consider how the needs and desires of top legal talent have changed. If your law office wants to attract and retain top attorneys and legal professionals, it must change its approach. In this article, we're exploring innovative ways law offices can attract and retain top legal talent.

Law Firm Jobs: How to Improve Your Legal Recruiting Efforts to Attract Top Legal Talent

Whether you’re a legal recruiter or a law firm looking to fill attorney jobs or jobs for legal professionals, it’s important to focus on your legal recruiting efforts so that you’re able to attract, as well as retain, top legal talent. After all, law firm jobs aren’t only competitive for legal candidates. They’re also competitive among law firms. As the most trusted resource for both the attorney job search as well as jobs for legal professionals, LawCrossing strives to help legal recruiters and law firms alike improve their legal recruiting efforts. Here are eight best practices you should be using to attract top legal talent.

Employee Productivity and Collaboration in Law Firms

Every business knows that productive employees are critical to success. In law firms, productivity and the ability to effectively collaborate are essential components that directly affect the bottom line and the overall morale of the entire law firm. If you are seeking ways to boost productivity and foster better collaboration, these tools and techniques are showing great promise.

Lateral Hiring for Law Firms: Getting It Right for Everyone Involved

According to the ABA Journal, law firms are set to grow even if the market takes a turn for the worse in 2020. The results of a 2019 survey revealed that 63% of responding law firms felt satisfied or extremely satisfied with their lateral hire experiences. It is believed that one of the key reasons that lateral hiring for law firms is successful is because of improvements in the lateral hiring process.

LawCrossing's Top 10 Most Popular Employer Articles of 2019

Summary: LawCrossing shares the most-read articles for legal employers in 2019.

The Definitive Guide to Law Office Employee Motivation

Employee motivation matters just as much in law firms as it does in any other industry. In fact, we happen to think it’s more important. It’s imperative that law firms attract and retain talented staff who are engaged in fulfilling the values of the office. Retention is important for two distinct reasons. First, there is the expense of hiring and training new staff, even if they’re experienced. To keep this cost to a minimum and to break even with it, retention of staff is crucial. Second, many law firms rely on the creation and nurturing of long-term relationships with their clients. That is much easier done when a law firm doesn’t experience massive or frequent turnover.

Effective Digital Recruitment for Law Firms

Law firm hiring mirrors the hiring efforts of other industries. It’s gone digital. Digital recruitment for law firms certainly has the potential to make things easier, but it also creates specific issues that should be addressed before a law firm adopts a digital acquisition strategy.

Finding the Right Candidate: Lawyer Interview Training for Law Firms

Scaling up is great, but it certainly comes with its challenges. Those challenges often start as soon as you recognize that you must find the right candidate to help better serve your growing client base. Interviewing potential lawyers is different than interviewing clients and witnesses. It’s imperative that you’re able to find and hire the right candidate. Yet, interviewing attorneys to potentially join your law firm takes more than asking the standard interview questions found all over the internet. You really need a way to determine whether candidates have the legal skills, client-focused attitude, and personality to help keep your law firm growing.

Beware These 5 Things When Hiring Recent Law School Grads: The Good, the Bad & the Smugly

Summary: Great lawyers are made by senior associates and partners. Know what to look for in choosing candidates and know what needs to be done to make your next hire a worthy member—and maybe even a star—of your firm.

How Your Law Firm Can Start a Blog

These days there’s a blog about almost everything—from the daily headlines to pictures of pets in embarrassing costumes. That’s not surprising given blogs are easy to start, usually free, and a great way to tell the world what you’re thinking. But what many people don’t realize is that a blog can also be a vital tool for job hunting.

3 Top Tips to Help You Establish A Remote Workforce for Your Law Firm

Summary: If you have been thinking of either transforming or establishing a virtual law firm with a remote workforce, you need to read this article.

The Importance of Associate Perks When Trying to Attract Law Firm Talent

Summary: Perks can be the difference between hiring the best legal talent out fresh out of law school and missing out on the cream of the crop.

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