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The 5 Concerns You and Your Law Firm Should Have About Brand Fatigue

Summary: Read these articles to understand brand fatigue.

Is Your Law Firm Ready for the Z Generation?

Summary: Read these articles to understand Z Generation workers.

What Can Law Firms Do to Deal With Millenial Lawyers? How Can Law Firms Attract and Keep Millennial Lawyers

Summary: Read these articles to understand millennial workers.

5 Viewpoints to Help You Establish Employee Culture in Your Law Firm

Summary: Read these articles to find out how to establish a company culture in your business.

The Internet and 5 Reasons You Should Limit Your Legal Employees’ Use of It

Summary: Read these articles to find out how to maintain employee production in lieu of internet distraction.

Top 5 Ways Law Firms Can Be Successful Businesses

Summary: The sooner law firms realize they are in fact businesses, the longer they will survive.

7 Viewpoints about Legal Employees Working from Home

Summary: Read these articles to find out the benefits and detriments of having a home-based workforce.

Of All Things Law Firms Shouldn't Have Its Employees with Not Enough Work

Summary: Read these articles to find out methods you can use to get the most out of your employees.

Law Firms that Get Social Media Right: Is it Possible to Be a Successful Law Firm Without Social Media

Summary: Read these articles to find out methods you can best employ for your business with social media.

How to Defuse Tension in Your Law Firm: A Guide for Law Firms

Summary: Read these articles to find out methods and ways to quell workplace tension in your office.

What to Do if the Lawyers Working in Your Firm Hate You

Summary: See how having respect as a leader is paramount to employee happiness and the success of your company.

The Future Lawyer

Summary: How will attorneys and law firms cope with the future?

Crime in BigLaw: Big Law Firms Where Attorneys Were Arrested from Embezzling

Summary: How attorneys who rip off their law firm and clients are dealt with.

What Law Firms Can Do When Their Clients Expect them to Be More Diverse

Summary: See how diversity can improve the bottom line of your business.

Why Law Firms That Practice Profit Sharing Are Likely to Attract the Best Lawyers and Legal Staff

Summary: Keep and trust your employees by sharing part of the profits with them.

How Law Firms Can Attract Better Attorneys

Summary: Find better employees through these articles.

The Differences Between an Attorney Who is an Employee and an Entrepreneur--Which Are You?

Summary: Most entrepreneurs rise to that level of business from being simple workers.

Why the Internet Matters to Lawyers

Summary: Learn why the internet matters so much to your workers and why understanding it can help you better understand your employees.

There Are Fewer Lawyers and Legal Staff Looking for Jobs: What Law Firms Can Do With Fewer Lawyers and Legal Staff Looking for Jobs

Summary: Are you facing a worker shortage? Learn what you should do to fix it.

How Robots May Soon Replace Lawyers in Law Firms

Summary: Have you adequately prepared your employees to accept the impact robotics and/or AI will have on their day-to-day responsibilities?

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