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LawCrossing’s Top 10 Most Popular Employer Articles of 2018

Summary: LawCrossing for employers shares the most read articles of 2018.

LawCrossing’s Top 10 Most Popular Employer Articles of 2018

In 2018, legal employers were made aware of the complications of running their law firms. Yes, some of the issues highlighted by the year’s most read LawCrossing for employers articles were easy to approach, such as five interview questions employers should expect to ask job candidates, or the importance of an employee handbook. Other articles within the top 10 were more complex and in many ways, more urgent when it comes to a business such as how to open a successful branch office or the re-establishment of unclaimed property to its rightful owner.
  1. The Five Parts of a Project Executive Summary

Project executive summaries are extremely important, because they help top management to find both relevant information as well as employee achievements quickly. Since each business project is unique, project executive summaries also tend to be somewhat unique.
  1. 5 Interview Questions You Should Always Expect

Interviewing for a law firm job can be a tricky proposal. With that said, as an employer, you need to train yourself to ask these five questions during your next interview with a legal candidate.
  1. Top 10 Unique Challenges Faced by Law Firm HR Departments

While a law firm at first glance may look and even operate much in the same way as any other business, law firms are unique in and of themselves, which presents them with a unique set of HR challenges other corporate entities most likely do not have.
  1. The Importance of Having an Employee Handbook

An employee handbook is a vital tool for both employees and employers as it lists the responsibilities and sets the standards expected of a person as they fill a job’s requirements. Employee handbooks are important in any work environment, including law firms.
  1. 7 Challenges Facing Law Firms in 2016

Every year law firms face new challenges. LawCrossing employer readers continue to find relevance in this 2016 article as law firms face challenges related to money and technology. Read this article to find the seven specific operating challenges that law firms can expect now and into the future.
  1. Law Firm Titles: Associate, Of Counsel, and Partner

Law firms are not unlike any other entity that incorporates titles to define an employee’s level of expertise. With law firms, lawyers are usually designated as associates, of counsel and partner. But what do these titles really mean in the day-to-day operation of a law firm. Read this article to find out.
  1. Butting In: Employers Penalize Smokers and Overweight Workers

Some companies are enticing employees to lead healthier, more productive lives with a variety of ''wellness'' initiatives, including smoking-cessation counseling and products, weight maintenance plans, and exercise programs. Keep the employees within your law firm healthy by reading this article.
  1. How to Start a Process Server Company

Process server jobs require that you work with lawyers and individuals to serve legal papers to people on a daily basis. It is a job and business that is constantly changing, and every day is different. Read more about starting your own process server company through this article.
  1. The Success and Failures of Opening a Branch Office

Being successful in expanding your business is crucial to the overall health of your company. Staffing your new office with the right employees is one of the most important aspects of that. Find out how through this article.
  1. Dissecting Unclaimed Property/Escheat Due Diligence Requirements

Due diligence is an unclaimed property compliance function that requires holders to reach out to owners of unclaimed property. The action attempts to re-establish contact while a business goes through unclaimed property compliance reporting. Find out the details of this action in this article.

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